Withdrawing from a Course

After the deadline for adding / dropping a course (the first Friday of the semester), students can only withdraw from a course. In this event, the course remains on their transcript as a permanent part of their academic record, with a permanent grade of “W”, “WU” or “WS”.

When a student changes his/her course schedule by dropping a course, but does not withdraw from school, tuition and fees will be adjusted through the last day to add/drop courses. After that, courses can only be withdrawn, and there is no reduction to tuition or course fees. During Summer College, adding or dropping of courses must be made prior to 5:00 p.m. on the next working day after the respective class begins.

Cancellation of Registration

The Registration Cancellation policy applies to all semesters. Note that private music lesson fees (after the contract is signed) and housing deposits have cancellation penalties not indicated below. See the Academic Calendar for the applicable First Day of Class.

  • Cancellation received prior to First Day of Class:
    $25 Registration Fee
  • Cancellation on or after First Day of Class and no classes were attended:
    $25 Registration Fee and
    $100 Administrative Fee
  • Cancellation if any classes were attended:
    Considered a Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal from University

Withdrawals from University (withdrawing from all courses and leaving college) may be made by obtaining the proper form from the Registrar’s Office, completing it, securing appropriate signatures, and filing it with the Registrar. If it is impossible to follow this procedure because of illness or emergency, the student must notify the Registrar within one week after leaving the University. The University reserves the right to require a letter of consent of parents or guardians for students less than 21 years of age.

Adjustments will be made on the accounts of students who withdraw from college during the semester subject to the following conditions:

  • The student must have officially withdrawn from college;
  • Institutional financial aid will be removed during the semester of withdrawal – this includes but is not limited to Northwest scholarships and tuition credits);
  • Exit clearance from Resident Hall Personnel is required for dormitory students;
  • Residential charges are pro-rated by the day from the official opening of on-campus housing through the point of official checkout with the housing personnel;
  • Housing deposit is not refundable; fees are nonrefundable; tuition will be charged according to the chart below based upon the date the Withdrawal Form is submitted.

Tuition is charged based on the highest number of credits during the semester:

During first week of classes: 2.5% per day
During second week classes: 25.0% per day
During third week of classes: 37.5% per day
During fourth week of classes: 50.0% per day
During fifth week of classes: 62.5 % per day
During sixth week of classes: 75.0% per day
During seventh week of classes: 87.5% per day
After seventh week of classes: 100.0% per day

If a student is absent from all classes for more than two weeks consecutively without contacting the Registrar or Provost Office to explain the reason for his or her absences, the University has the authority to administratively withdraw the student from all course enrollments and to assign grades of “F” to each course. In this case, the official withdrawal date for financial obligation purposes will be two weeks after the last date of class attendance as certified by faculty and verified by the Registrar’s Office.

Students who receive financial aid during the semester in which they withdraw are not considered to be making satisfactory academic progress. Future aid will be cancelled and they will not be eligible to receive additional financial aid. Students can receive information as to what must be done to regain eligibility for financial aid should they choose to return to Northwest University.

The date of withdrawal will be based on the day that the student contacts the Registrar’s Office and indicates a desire to officially withdraw or the last date of documented attendance, whichever is later. For Financial Aid purposes for students who unofficially withdraw from Northwest University (cease to attend classes without notifying the Registrar), they will be considered to have withdrawn after 50% of the semester has passed or the last date of documented attendance, whichever is later.

The Student Accounts Office will determine the eligibility for a refund of charges for the semester based on the withdrawal date. Tuition will be charged according to the chart below based upon the withdrawal date. Tuition is charged based on the highest number of credits registered for during the semester.

According to federal regulations, federal funds must be returned to federal programs based on the percent of the term that a student is no longer enrolled. The Financial Aid Services Office will determine how much of a student’s federal aid was “unearned” as defined by the federal regulations, and then return the “unearned” aid in the following order to the programs from which the student received aid:

  • Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan,
  • Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan,
  • Federal Perkins Loan,
  • Federal PLUS Loan,
  • Federal Pell Grant,
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and
    other Title IV Programs.
  • Institutional aid, including but not limited to grants, scholarships, and tuition credits will be removed from the student’s account during the semester of withdrawal.

If you have received federal and/or state aid in the form of cash to assist you with non-institutional charges, you may need to repay up to 50% of the grant funds that you received. This may include:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Washington State Need Grant

For a detailed copy of the refund calculation, please contact the Financial Aid Services Office.

Withdrawal from Summer University

Students are required to pay in advance for the Summer Sessions.

Students withdrawing from school during Summer University will be charged tuition as described below. Course fees are not refundable. Adding or dropping of classes during Summer University must be made prior to 5:00 p.m. of the second day of the respective class session.

For Summer University sessions of three weeks or less:
Withdrawal on the first day of classes: 20% of tuition
Withdrawal on the second day of classes: 40% of tuition
After the third day of classes: 100% of tuition
For Summer University sessions that are longer than three weeks:
Withdrawal on the first or second day of classes: 20% of tuition
Withdrawal on the third or fourth day of classes: 40% of tuition
Withdrawal on the fifth or sixth day of classes: 60% of tuition
Withdrawal on the seventh or eighth day of classes: 80% of tuition
After the eighth day of classes: 100% of tuition

During Summer University, adding or dropping of courses must be made prior to 5:00 p.m. on the next working day after the respective class begins.