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Christian Faith Statement

CELE students are not required to have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, however, NU is a Christian university and CELE students are expected to follow the community lifestyle standards and attend chapel with NU students two times per week.

Language Placement Exam

After arriving at NU, all CELE students take a Language Placement exam which will determine the course levels they will enroll in. Students must pass level 4 (Bridge) of each course to graduate from CELE and qualify to matriculate into NU.

Students who are in the Kirkland/Seattle area and are seeking conditional enrollment into an Undergraduate or Master's program may schedule a placement exam through at any time to evaluate their language readiness for admittance. There is a $100 testing fee, which will cover up to 2 testing sessions. Students will receive a comprehensive 4-5 skill (Grammar, Reading, Listening, and Speaking and/or Writing) evaluation report within 1 week of testing.

Levels of Instruction

Based on testing results, students will be placed in one of our 4 levels of instruction:

  1. Low Intermediate
  2. High Intermediate
  3. Advanced
  4. Bridge/Undergraduate (successful completion qualifies for undergraduate and graduate admission)
    • Students in the Bridge level take 2 ESL and 2-3 NU courses for credit.
    • Undergraduate Students who do not test out of Level 3 must successfully complete a Bridge semester to qualify for NU admission.


The CELE program is academically rigorous to prepare students for university success. Each level of study includes the following 5 classes.

  • Grammar: Learn intermediate and advanced grammatical structures. Practice applying structures in personal writing and identifying errors in written rough drafts.
  • Reading: Build academic vocabulary and reading strategies for faster reading comprehension in preparation for academic reading expectations.
  • Writing: Learn academic paragraph structures and the essay drafting process for research and analytical writing.
  • Listening & Notetaking: Practice active listening and lecture note-taking skills.
  • Speaking & Pronunciation: Develop conversation skills, public speaking and presentation competency.

Conditional Admission

Students who pass CELE exit exams have conditional academic admission to NU. All NU undergraduate students must have personal faith in Jesus Christ. A TOEFL score is not required to enter NU after you complete CELE classes.

Airport Pickup

The CELE office will provide airport pick up at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC) on a selected day. Upon acceptance to NU, the CELE office will contact you with information regarding arrival dates and orientation.

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