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Campus Life

At Northwest University, CELE students gain much more than just an academic experience, they become part of the NU community. Students live in the dorms, eat in the Caf, participate in many fun campus activities, and tour the Seattle area.

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CELE Activities

Throughout the semester, CELE organizes activities and field trips for students to learn about the American culture and traditions. Students enjoy trips into Seattle, Bellevue, and other towns to visit parks, museums, sporting events, and much more! During their first week on campus students participate in an interactive orientation to get to know other CELE and NU students. Some say it is one of their favorite experiences at NU.

The Conversation Buddy program pairs NU students with international students with the purpose to practice conversational English, learn about American culture, and assist in integrating international students into the NU community. NU students share about American culture while CELE students give valuable insight into their culture.

NU Activities

Students enjoy numerous activities organized by NU. Screaming Eagle's Week is a time-honored tradition at NU. It begins with a single event: a MASSIVE game of dodgeball. The competition is fierce and bragging rights are on the line. Many of NU's events have a rich history meanwhile some, like the Harlem Shake in chapel, are new each year. What do they all have in common? Making friends and having fun.

Resident Life

Dorm Life is available to all NU students. It is a great place to make new friends and to create lasting relationships. Each dorm is furnished with a bed, desk, drawers, closet, shelves, and chairs. Bathrooms are located on both sides of a floor and each student has access to a washer and dryer. Student leaders plan dorm activities and a family-like relationship is built between floor mates. Students will have access to mail services as well as the on campus health center.

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The Caf

Most students eat in the cafeteria on campus. There is a salad bar, a grill, a sandwich station, a personalized meal section managed by a cook, and much more! Unlimited access to the Caf is included in the cost for room/board.

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Chapel is heavily student led and exists to express meaningful corporate worship, nurture personal growth, and foster community spirit. Chapel is a vital part of the ministry at Northwest University. Students, faculty, and staff come together in corporate worship to integrate faith, learning, and living. These times together challenge, motivate, and encourage the Northwest University community through dynamic worship, inspirational messages, and fellowship within the body.

Chapel services are offered on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Students can attend a worship based service called Pursuit on Monday nights.

Life Groups serve to foster relationships, community, and spiritual growth through the fellowship of small groups made up of members of the Northwest University community. A small group of students gather together around a common interest. Life Groups enable students to connect relationally, spiritually, and emotionally in an environment of mutual encouragement and accountability.

Chapel attendance is a requirement for students and faculty as it is part of the Assemblies of God Division of Higher Education endorsement.

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Students enrolled in the intensive English program typically take classes from 8am to 3pm with a lunch and study break. There are a total of 15–20 weekly class hours. During class time our talented teachers engage the students through lectures, group discussions, projects, and games. Students say you have to be ready to study hard, but they are thrilled at how their English improves.

Campus Tour

Take a look at Northwest University's gorgeous campus, nestled in the safe community of Kirkland.

Living in Kirkland

Kirkland is a suburb of Seattle, located just 15 minutes away from the city. This safe community offers everything a student needs. Grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants are near-by. There are many beautiful parks along Lake Washington, which students love to jog around.

The vibrant city of Seattle is located just 15 min away from Kirkland. This city is the cultural and business center of the Pacific Northwest. The headquarters for Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Costco, Starbucks, Nintendo, and Amazon are located in the surrounding area. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, a variety of museums and parks. Public transportation allows students to easily visit Seattle, Bellevue, and the surrounding towns.

We’re In Good Company

Money Magazine voted Kirkland as the 5th best place to live in the US. We’re close to a wealth of recreational activities and companies that have changed the world. For NU students, that means opportunity for fun while you’re here and—more importantly—excellent opportunities for employment once you graduate.

Kirkland & Seattle

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