CELE Costs

2016–2017 Costs:

  • CELE tuition: $5,355 per semester
    Fall: mid-August – beginning of December
    Spring: January – beginning of May
  • CELE Summer discounted tuition: $3,995
    Summer: June – beginning of August
  • 12–18 credits per semester (4–6 classes) in the package price
    Students test into the skill level of classes, but may choose how many classes to take.
  • $446/CELE class credit. Applicants can apply for individual CELE courses.
    For example, one CELE 3-credit class will be $1,338.

University Student Fees

  • Application: $30
  • Orientation: $75 (first semester only)
  • Mailbox Key Deposit: $25 (non-refundable — first semester only)
  • CELE activities: $170
  • CELE Summer activity fee: $80
  • NU Student Services Fee*: $254
    *NU Student Services Fee includes: ASB activities, on-campus nurse, & wellness counseling.

Health Insurance (required):

$610 each semester.

Health insurance is provided by a separate company, Lewermark Insurance, and prices are subject to change without notice.

All students must have health insurance.


  • $4,050 (double occupancy dorm room) per semester
  • $100 deposit (non-refundable fee — first semester only)
  • Meal plan fee is included in housing fee (20 meals/week)

Costs for students living off campus will vary.

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