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Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership

Our Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership will prepare you to be a groundbreaking scholar/practitioner capable of conducting and publishing original research. Your work will help develop new theory and practice in the leadership arts. The degree is the ideal preparation for an academic career, or any other calling requiring high order analytical thinking, problem solving, and insightful research.

The Ph.D. requires a total of 72 credits. As a full-time student, a working professional can finish the coursework and dissertation process in four years. Successful completion of the program involves:

  • Core courses (36 credits)
  • Concentration courses (18 credits)
  • Research seminars (6 credits)
  • Dissertation courses (12 credits)
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Dissertation completion

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Integrated Course Format by Year

Every Session includes Core, Concentration, and Dissertation coursework.

Note: Course schedule is subject to change.

Year One

  • Core Courses: Advanced Leadership Theory, Critical Inquiry, Organizational Theory, Organizational Change
  • Concentration Courses: Strategic Thinking & Planning, History of Higher Education, Historical Models of Ministry Leadership, Financial Management, Higher Education Leadership, A Theology of Christian Organizations, Visionary Leadership for School Improvement, Educational Law & Ethics, Transforming School Culture
  • Dissertation Courses: Quantitative Research and Statistics, Qualitative Research

Year Two

  • Core Courses: Leadership and Diversity, Organizational Communication, Organizational Culture, Leadership and Ethics
  • Concentration Courses: Data-Driven Decision-making, Higher Education Law, Current Issues in Missiology, Community Care & Engagement, Teacher Empowerment & Evaluation, Resource Management for School Improvement
  • Dissertation Courses: Advanced Research Methods, Research Seminars

Year Three

  • Core Courses: Conference class, Contemporary Issues in Organizational Research
  • Concentration Courses: Managing Innovation, Performance Evaluation in Ministry Organizations, Conflict Management, Higher Education Finance, Transforming Ministry Organizations, Organizational Consulting, Self-Leadership in Organizational Life, Principal Internship (if applicable)
  • Dissertation Courses: Research Seminar, Guided Reading, Dissertation Proposal

Year Four

  • Dissertation Research and Writing

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