Center for Leadership Studies

Center for Leadership Studies Scholarships

The Center for Leadership Studies offers five levels of scholarship support for students in the Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs:

First Year Fund Scholarship

Description: This scholarship makes a financial grant available to students after the first year of their studies and is based on a combination of the student’s financial need and academic potential.

Amount: The First Year Fund provides financial assistance to new students of between $500 and a maximum of $3,000 per student.

Duration: One year

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Newly admitted CFLS students enrolling full-time in the Ph.D. or Ed.D.
  • Academic excellence demonstrated through an outstanding GPA, GRE scores and personal references. (Ed.D. applicants do not require a GRE score.)
  • Professional excellence demonstrated through an exemplary resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and personal references

Application: A completed application will serve as the FYF scholarship application. Decisions on scholarship awards will be made by the CFLS Admissions Committee.

Non-Profit Leaders Fund Scholarship

Description: This scholarship makes financial support available to students serving with 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations such as churches, parachurch agencies and NGOs.

Amount: The Non-Profit Leaders Fund will provide a 10% tuition scholarship to students whose non-profit employer contributes at least 10% of the cost of their tuition.

Duration: Renewable annually

Eligibility Criteria:

  • CFLS students in good standing enrolled full-time in the Ph.D. or Ed.D.
  • Documentation of full-time employment with a non-profit corporation
  • Documentation of 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status
  • Documentation of employer contributing 10% of student’s tuition

Application: Students apply to the CFLS office by annually supplying documentation of their full-time employment with a non-profit corporation, the legal non-profit status of their employer, and the employer’s level of financial support.

Dissertation Support Grant

Description: This grant makes limited financial support available for the expenses related to completing a Ph.D. or Ed.D. dissertation, such as APA editing, software, transcription, data analysis, etc.

Amount: Up to $500 as a reimbursement for documented, qualified expenses.

Duration: A one-time award in year three (Ed.D.) or four (Ph.D.) of the student’s program

Eligibility Criteria:

  • CFLS student in good standing enrolled full-time in the Ed.D. or Ph.D. program
  • Approved Dissertation Chair, Committee, and Proposal in place
  • Approved dissertation research and writing underway in the third (Ed.D.) or fourth (Ph.D.) year of the student’s program

Application: Students will submit expenses eligible for reimbursement to the CFLS office. Submissions must be itemized, directly related to completion of dissertation research and writing, and include copies of receipts. The CFLS Director, in consultation with the student’s Dissertation Chair, will approve all reimbursements up to a total of $500 per student.

Emerging Scholars Grant

Description: This grant provides one-time funding to support student travel for research presentations at approved professional conferences.

Amount: Up to $500 as a reimbursement for documented, qualified expenses.

Duration: One-time reimbursement

Eligibility Criteria:

  • CFLS student in good standing enrolled full-time in the Ph.D. or Ed.D. program
  • Professional conference approved in advance by the CFLS Director
  • Presentations should be scholarly in nature and represent Northwest well

Application: Students will submit itemized conference travel expenses with accompanying receipts and a letter explaining the nature of the travel and the amount of the funds sought. The CFLS faculty will approve and determine the amount of all reimbursements.

Graduate Referral Credit Program

Description: As a current CFLS graduate student you may refer qualified friends and family members to the CFLS graduate program at NU and receive a financial credit if they are admitted.

Amount: One-half of one credit tuition

Duration: Current students can earn the tuition credit up to four times

Eligibility Criteria: The new, in-coming student must have listed the name of the referring student on their initial graduate application form at the time that the form is submitted to CFLS.

Once the application has been turned in it cannot be amended to include or change the name of the referring student.

The referral process does not change the application requirements or process. Only qualified applicants will be admitted.

Application: Please contact the CFLS office for the full Terms & Conditions of this Program and to apply for the tuition credit.