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About 60 years ago, President C.E. Butterfield knelt down to pray on the foundation of an old cabin that had stood in the village of Houghton. Once the home of the Stewart sisters, the cabin had hosted Bible lessons and worship services for Japanese students at the University of Washington for years. It was saturated with the sisters’ prayers that God would always use their property for the spiritual training of young people. Not many years later, Northwest University would build a beautiful chapel on that very property to call out to God daily for the abiding presence of Jesus on our campus.

Today, our chapel building has grown weary in serving our community, not only suffering the physical ravages of wear and weather, but also falling behind in the technical challenges that every house of worship faces in our time. It is no longer large enough to meet the demands of our growing student body. Our students need a new, dedicated 24-hour prayer room.

The Butterfield Chapel means more to us than any ordinary building. It stands as a house of worship. It must be renewed now if we expect it to continue serving God’s purposes on our campus.

Northwest cannot remain as the Christ-centered learning community our founders intended and without a vibrant program of worship and discipleship at our center. So, we have prioritized the restoration and enhancement of the chapel as our first project in the rebuilding of our campus. More than a generation ago, believers invested their treasure in this vision by constructing the chapel. Our generation must now rebuild it, with the same vision for spiritual life that inspired the founders and followers of our past. We invite you to join us in bold generosity to invest once again in Christ-centered, Spirit-filled education for the glory of God and the fulfillment of God’s mission in our time.

Joseph Castleberry, EdD President, Northwest University

Planned Updates to the Butterfield Chapel

We have been dreaming about new possibilities for the chapel for a long time. Here are some updates we’re particularly excited about:

  • new prayer space for students, faculty, and staff members that is open 24 hours a day. This space will be designed to help the user focus on prayer.

  • Improved staging and technical equipment, including video screens. The staging will benefit our orchestra performances and the technical equipment will help engage students in their chapel experience, as well as provide educational experiences as we expand our academic programs.

  • hospitality suite with a greenroom which will enable us to better host our guests and prepare our ministry team for chapel services.

  • new façade at the front of the building to cover the air-conditioning ducts and provide a better representation for this iconic structure.

  • new equipment storage room to house equipment on-site.

Encountering Christ in the Butterfield Chapel

“What sets Northwest University apart from many other places is their heart
for God and spiritual transformation. This is why I’m so excited for the chapel remodel. My life was radically changed at Northwest. At the heart of this change was the hours spent in the presence of God in the chapel.”

Troy JonesLead Pastor, New Life Church, Renton, Washington

“We have chosen to support the Chapel Campaign at Northwest University for one simple reason: we believe in the next generation! We want to do everything we can to steward the most valuable asset of the local church, which is our children and students.”

Jeff Kirkland, Lead Pastor, Family Life Church, Salem, Oregon

“The chapel environment and experience is what sets Northwest apart from other Christian universities. I am excited to support the effort to update the chapel so that students can continue to grow not only intellectually but also in their faith.”

Brandon BealsLead Pastor, Canyon Creek Church, Mill Creek, Washington

“Just a few weeks ago while in chapel, I was in the third row worshipping. The sense of unity in the room struck me! There was a tangible sense of community and love that can only be found when God is in the room. Gathering together in worship brings us together like nothing else.”

Canaan BacaStudent, Northwest University

“The chapel has been a safe place for me to come and meet with God. As a student and a wife with numerous pressing responsibilities, having a place to come to that is set apart from the rest of my day is invaluable. In the chapel, God has met with me, comforted me, healed me, and instructed me. This has empowered me to live as a disciple and to follow after what His heart desires. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this place and for those who I’ve met and worshipped with.”

Destiny KennedyStudent, Northwest University

“Through chapel and Pursuit worship nights, I consistently met Jesus through the hearing of His Word and the great worship sessions in the chapel. I was constantly fed throughout the week, which made me stronger in my Christian faith. Consistently hearing the Word on a weekly basis has held me accountable in my faith and made me the Christian that I am today. I start and end every week being refilled with the Word of God.”

Gospel OkoroaforStudent, Northwest University

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