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Bachelor of Arts in History

History isn't just about times, places, and people from a distant past. History helps us understand the present and its challenges, bringing them — and the human experience — into sharper focus. When you choose Northwest University's history major, you'll join a vibrant community of scholars, gaining a breadth of knowledge and analytical skills that will serve you well in any career path. And by looking into the past for the wisdom it can offer, you'll be well prepared to navigate your future.

Why History at NU?

  • Benefit from small classes that offer direct engagement with professors.
  • Learn from highly qualified faculty members who are excellent scholars.
  • Explore the intersection of biblical and religious studies, anthropology and culture, and socio-political events in a rigorous academic environment.
  • Engage in robust studies of specific historical eras, while also having the option of supplementing your learning with complementary subjects such as art and literature, psychology and sociology, philosophy, or political science.

Common Career Paths

A degree from NU can help you launch your career immediately after graduation. Some of the fields that a degree in history can open up for you include:

  • Business
  • Politics
  • Law
  • Teaching/Professorship
  • Cross-Cultural Work
  • Government Service
  • Ministry
  • Graduate Studies

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