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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science prepare students with the essential knowledge and skills to enter careers as health, fitness, and human performance specialists. The degree emphasize a strong core of scientific understanding of the human body and its systems as they relate to general health and wellness, fitness, and performance enhancement. 


Students who successfully complete the program of study in exercise science will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use the scientific method to ask relevant questions, formulate hypotheses, collect data, present and evaluate results relative to the hypotheses.
  • Collect and use data to produce written reports and verbally inform clients about the status of their health and fitness, and strategic plans for improving it.
  • Demonstrate effective use of appropriate technology in evaluating health and fitness, and in designing fitness and performance programs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the scientific constructs underlying sound training design for enhancing personal fitness and performance.
  • Demonstrate a personal program of fitness and wellness applying the elements of exercise science in sustained practice.
  • Articulate a personal health and fitness orientation and professional code of conduct for engaging other humans in fitness and performance enhancement that reflects a sound Christian understanding of health and fitness and the dignity of every human person.

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