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Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology

The study of molecular and cellular biology strives to understand the natural world we live in at the cellular and tissue level. The Molecular and Cellular Biology major focuses on the molecular structures and processes of cellular life and their roles in reproduction, development, growth and forming of living organisms. This field covers a broad range of disciplines including cellular biology, genetics, virology, neurobiology, molecular biology, microbiology, cancer biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Studying Molecular and Cellular Biology allows us to ask questions, make observations, describe potential answers, design studies, collect evidence, evaluate data, and solve problems. Career options with a Molecular and Cellular Biology degree include biotechnology, research, drug development, forensics, business and law consulting, education, or graduate school (MS or PhD), medical school (MD or DO) or other health professional schools.

Graduates with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic molecular and cellular biology concepts and principles.
  • Perform molecular biology lab techniques to solve scientific problems.
  • Analyze primary scientific research articles in the field of molecular and cell biology.
  • Evaluate scientific practices across cultures.
  • Articulate how their Christian faith guides their scientific conduct.

Pre-Medicine / Pre-Professional

The Molecular and Cellular Biology major fulfills the prerequisite courses required to attend medical school and other health professional programs, such as dental school, veterinary school, optometry school, and other health-related schools. Because admission into medical schools is highly competitive and selective, students in this major will be carefully guided toward meeting the standards for admission set by the Association of American Medical Colleges. A student entering the Molecular and Cellular Biology program with a goal of gaining admission to a professional school accepts the personal responsibility to carefully prepare for application by achieving strong grades and pursing service experiences in health sciences. Participation in an advising cohort aimed at developing the whole student as a potential professional enhances the possibility of achieving the goal of admission to a professional school. It is advised that students look up the prerequisites for 3–4 schools they are interested in applying to and choose electives courses that are required or will enhance their applications to those programs.

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