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The College of Business at Northwest University is proud to offer a variety of on-campus and online business degrees to equip the next generation of business professionals. Like all the top business management colleges, NU offers everything from an on-campus bachelor of arts in business management to an online MBA program. Marketing, business administration, and music industry business are just a few of the many areas of study available through the College of Business. No matter the industry, NU is prepared to equip you with the tools and skills you need to excel.

Professional Sales Concentration

A sales focus in any field will help the student improve their career options and opportunities. The concentration in Professional Sales is designed to help the student prepare for positions in sales and customer service. Activities are grounded in practical exercises of B2B selling, solution selling, role play, and challenger sales. A sales internship is included in the Professional Sales concentration program.

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Top University Sales Program

Northwest University was named a “Top University Sales Program” by the Sales Education Foundation for 2019.

Why Study Business at Northwest University?

Northwest University is located in the greater Seattle area, neighboring successful companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. In addition, this area has become a hot spot for innovative start-ups and tech companies. Together, these companies provide a vast network of opportunities for internships and careers for our students. Courses are taught by expert professors—many who come from some of the world-class companies above—offering real-world experience in a variety of industries.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Business Degree?

The myriad of successful companies in the Seattle area is extensive, making the list of possible career opportunities nearly endless for the NU business graduate. Below are a few career options:

  • Account Executive
  • Lead Recruiter
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Project Manager

What Do Students Say about the Program?

“I tell people to really consider NU. When you look at all aspects—the cost, the flexibility, the quality—it’s a great choice.” Radhika Janardanan wanted to move into a new role at Microsoft. After speaking with her mentor, she realized an MBA would help. Radhika enrolled in NU’s
MBA program because it offered the courses she needed and was designed
for students working full time. Eventually, Radhika landed that new role at Microsoft in product licensing and graduated with an MBA.

What Real-World Experiences Are Provided by the Program?

Students in the College of Business are required to participate in an internship, so all of our graduates leave NU with real-life experience under their belts. Our Vocation and Occupation Center helps students secure connections to internship opportunities all over the Seattle area. In addition, both undergraduate and graduate curriculum includes an international experience so that students can study how businesses operate in foreign countries.


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Northwest University Business programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs. Accreditation standards are modeled on the Baldrige National Quality Program. This recognition assures students and employers that Northwest University Business Programs use the same standards as those used by businesses, health care providers, and others to recognize excellence. More information about ACBSP Accreditation can be found at

What Courses in the College of Business Will I Take?

Graduates from NU’s College of Business are expected to have the business skills necessary to perform at high levels, as well as the character and discernment to follow business ethics. Here are a few of the courses that are available to our students:


  • BACT 2203: Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BUSM 2312: Business as a Profession
  • BMGT 3103: Organization and Management Theory
  • BMGT 3123: Information Systems Management
  • BUSM 4123: International Business


  • BUSM 5213: Leadership Challenges
  • BUSM 5253: Business Innovation and Research
  • BUSM 5433: Project Management
  • BUSM 5453: Marketing Management
  • BUSM 6513: Legal and Ethical Responsibility

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