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Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology Degree (Online)

IT professionals are in high demand. Our online Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology degree is designed to prepare individuals to pursue business and management careers in information technology. The curriculum provides practical, hands-on experience for individuals to break into or improve their skills in this rapidly changing industry. Christian value systems and perspectives—particularly as they relate to the modern business environment and information systems—will be integrated throughout the academic program.

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Highest Accreditation

Not all online programs are accredited—something you never have to worry about at NU.


Exceptional Education

80+ years of experience and knowledge went into creating our online courses.


Faith Integration

Every course includes a component that helps you relate the subject to your faith.


Faculty Who Care

Our instructors are experts who love students and bring out their very best.

Key Features of the Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology Program

  • Apply Information Technology strategies to address business needs
  • Write a programming code to connect a front-end user interface with a back-end database
  • Solve common desktop and network issues
  • Evaluate ethical issues in Information Technology from a Christian faith perspective
  • Design and build a simple database system
  • Develop a career strategy in the Information Technology field

Why Choose an Online Bachelor Degree in Information Technology at Northwest University?

We offer a balance between the technical programming knowledge and the personal and professional skills needed to be a successful member of a team. Students are encouraged to take a holistic view of business and are equipped to propose multiple solutions to information technology problems.

  • Learn design, architecture, and implementation in information technology.
  • Explore current business trends to prepare for a career in today’s technology landscape.
  • Get an education that equips you to become a leader within your work group or organization.
  • Gain skills that will help you to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business development practices.

Courses for the Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology

We have over 80 years of experience in creating and teaching curriculum, and we've invested that experience into every class we offer. Each bachelor's degree is made up of core curriculum courses and major specific courses that amount to 120 credits upon completion.

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Pre-Major Requirements

CodeCourse TitleCredits
MATH 1313Introduction to Statistics(3)

Information Technology Major Core

CodeCourse TitleCredits
BMGT 3123Information Systems Management(3)
BUSM 3063Computer Organization(3)
BUSM 3083Computer Programming(3)
INTC 3113Information Technology Program Management(3)
INTC 3283Introduction to Data Management(3)
INTC 3493Introduction to Systems Analysis(3)
INTC 4183Information Systems Design(3)
BUSM 4383Operating Systems & Networks(3)
INTC 4673Online Business Technologies(3)
INTC 3053Introduction to Computer Science(3)

Management Cognate

CodeCourse TitleCredits
BUSM 2553Survey of Economics(3)
BUSM 3163Business Leadership(3)
BUSM 3403Business Law(3)
BUSM 3523Group and Organizational Dynamics(3)
BUSM 4723Project Management(3)
General Electives
Any college-level courses(12–15)

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