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Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership

At Northwest University, uncompromising academics and flexible programming provide busy adults with an opportunity to fulfill their ministry aspirations. Students who pursue a degree in ministry leadership want to make a difference in their church or organization. But they also have important life responsibilities. So we've made room for you with a program designed for busy adults. At Northwest, our goal is to provide a high-quality, biblically sound education for working adults who want to have an impact in their community. So, whether you’re working full time or taking care of the family at home, your nine-to-five doesn’t have to keep you from touching others for eternity.

Benefits of a Ministry Leadership Degree

Graduates of this degree program will be equipped to:

  • Demonstrate biblical literacy and exegetical skills
  • Present a carefully reasoned, coherent Christian worldview
  • Lead a life of integrity, compassion, service, and self-sacrifice based on the Christ-centered application of biblical truth
  • Communicate the gospel through effective strategies of evangelism, teaching, preaching, and discipleship
  • Exhibit habits of learning through experience, self-reflection, critical thinking, sensitivity toward diversity, and personal prayer
  • Comprehend and apply effective leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • Understand and utilize media, computing resources, and basic financial data
  • Show evidence of confidence, understanding, and skill in leading worship, administering ordinances of the church, caring for the suffering, and leading other ministry activities of encouragement and comfort

We realize that today’s church needs leaders with a broad range of skills and the flexibility to lead in an ever changing religious, social, and political environment.

—Jim Jessup, Dean of the College of Adult and Professional Studies

Why Choose Northwest University for Your Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership?

If you've always wanted to earn your degree but haven't had the time, our program was designed for you. In our programs, you can earn your degree while maintaining your current full-time life. It’s worked for others. It can work for you.

  • Designed for busy working adults: Attend class just one night each week.
  • Highest institutional accreditation possible, the same as UW and Stanford.
  • Transfer up to 90 college credits and speed your way to graduation.
  • Take one class at a time, master it, and then move on to the next class.
  • Earn credits for life experiences such as military training, real estate licensure, etc.
  • Attend a Christian university that honors your faith tradition.
  • Distinguished faculty with academic expertise, experience, and real-world insight.
  • Convenient Kirkland location: If you live or work on the Eastside, there is no 520 bridge to cross.

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