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Master of Science in Nursing (Online)

Northwest University's Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is a generalist degree program that enables you to advance your career in a number of different areas. These include leadership, nursing education, policy development and regulatory practice, program evaluation, nursing research, quality improvement and cross-cultural practice. Northwest University places a strong emphasis on fostering the development of cross-cultural understanding and spiritual appreciation.

The curriculum is designed to examine concepts of scholarly inquiry, servant leadership, outcome orientation and innovation in the advancement of your clinical expertise across a variety of settings and organizational domains. You will gain specialized experience and knowledge with the design and implementation of a scholarly project aligned with your nursing interests. Each course provides the opportunity to gain salient knowledge applicable to your MSN Scholarly Project. Complete your program entirely online with local practice experiences. Selected courses may be enriched by elective student participation in foreign or domestic travel.

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Master of Science in Nursing Application Deadlines

  • May 1st with an acceptance decision in late May
  • June–August applications reviewed as space is available

Buntain College of Nursing Mission Statement

The Buntain College of Nursing at Northwest University prepares graduates to answer their call to serve God throughout the world and lead others by using their professional expertise as nurses.

"Our commitment is to provide our MSN students with a practical and applicable education that impacts the profession of nursing locally and internationally. Graduates of our program are prepared to tackle the changing healthcare landscape as the next generation of change agents, innovators, and leaders."

Erin-Joy Bjorge DNP, RN, CNE, COI
Dean, Buntain College of Nursing

Program Outcomes

Scholarly Inquiry

  • Research Methodology: Formulate research questions and hypotheses and determine appropriate research methods that support reliable findings and valid conclusions.
  • Informatics as a Lens: Search available data sets for trends and associations that guide the formulation of effective and efficient health care initiatives.
  • Focused Clinical Exploration: Demonstrate clinical competence rooted in study of the assessment, physiology, pathophysiology, research, and clinical guidelines of a nursing clinical area of focus.

Servant Leadership

  • Ethical Debate: Write and provide a scholarly defense for a set of personal ethical and spiritual guidelines for servant leadership in an array of settings and moral dilemmas.
  • Cultural Humility: Integrate cultural understanding and sensitivity into health communications, assessments, interventions, programs, and policy in order to lead diverse groups toward the achievement of optimal health outcomes.
  • Educational Expertise: Lead others toward wellness and social good through the employment of curriculum development and pedagogical approaches that are sensitive to the developmental, cultural, and motivational characteristics of the target audience.
  • Policy and Advocacy: Conceptualize and lead efforts to enhance health-related, public policy.

Outcome Orientation

  • Quality and Safety Improvement: Identify opportunities for quality improvement, safety promotion, and risk management and propose systematic approaches to implement continuous quality improvement efforts.
  • Evidence-Based Practice: Be adept at finding evidence and applying research recommendations that produce healthy outcomes.


  • Research Utilization: Apply research recommendations to health care delivery situations and subsequent research agendas.
  • Concept Adaptation: Assess the applicability of innovations from different settings and disciplines to current health care delivery opportunities and propose means by which to adapt innovations to new health care settings.
  • Technology Utilization: Apply and evaluate the efficacy of technology to the achievement of health goals.

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