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Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Online)

The Online Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Northwest University’s Mark and Huldah Buntain College of Nursing provides Registered Nurses with skills in critical thinking, leadership, case management, community health, and global health. Your studies develop a knowledge base in cross-cultural effectiveness, faith integration, and holistic assessment of health.

A variety of practice experiences enrich your understanding of the roles of clinical agencies found within driving distance of your home. The online delivery method allows you to fit your academic pursuit with your work schedule and personal obligations. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing opens doors to careers in community and public health, informatics, research, healthcare policy, leadership, and education. The degree also fulfills a key requirement for future graduate education. If you are looking for a career in the world of nursing where the “sky’s the limit,” this is the program for you.

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RN to BSN Application Deadlines

  • May 1st with an acceptance decision in late May
  • June–August applications reviewed as space is available

Buntain College of Nursing Mission Statement

The Buntain College of Nursing at Northwest University prepares graduates to answer their call to serve God throughout the world and lead others by using their professional expertise as nurses.

"The Buntain College of Nursing at Northwest University offers a unique online RN-BSN program that provides personal and professional opportunities for growth. The program offers the opportunity for practice experiences in every course. Students build on their current knowledge and experience as RNs to strengthen skills in clinical reasoning, leadership, community health, research, and global and intercultural healthcare. Our BSN graduates are leaders and catalysts of change in advancing the profession of nursing."

Erin-Joy Bjorge DNP, RN, CNE, COI
Dean, Buntain College of Nursing

Buntain College of Nursing Program Outcomes

‚ÄčAs competent beginning professional nurses, the graduates of the Mark and Huldah Buntain College of Nursing at Northwest University effectively:

  1. Practice critical thinking using logical and sequential reasoning, tempered with creative, aesthetic, and intuitive processes.
  2. Apply the nursing process to plan and deliver care that is holistic, compassionate, culturally competent, and client centered autonomously and collaboratively with interprofessional teams.
  3. Provide nursing care in the framework of organizational leadership and systems management processes.
  4. Integrate health care policies and economics to accomplish equitable access to healthcare and continuity of care for diverse populations.
  5. Apply research methods in the investigation of clinical nursing problems and health care delivery.
  6. Evaluate quality indicators, evidence, and outcomes of health care planning and implementation.
  7. Design health care for diverse populations and communities considering limited resources and environmental impact.
  8. Demonstrate the use of nursing informatics, client care technologies, and interprofessional communication strategies. 
  9. Articulate the unique characteristics of professional nursing and the role of professional nurses in direct and indirect client care.
  10. Propose a plan for formal academic and life-long education that enhances personal and professional growth.
  11. Practice professional nursing from a Christian worldview, demonstrating personal integration of faith, service, and cultural competence.

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