College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Master of Arts in International Community Development Endorsements

"In my role with a high-impact land rights nonprofit, I've been struck by how many times my MA in International Care and Community Development has served me. From nonprofit management skills, to rural development theory, to cultural dynamics – everything I learned in the MAICD program has equipped me for my work to bring justice to the landless poor."

MAICD Graduate Jeremy Cook
Foundation & Corporate Development Specialist
Landesa, USA

"The MAICD program at NU offered a profoundly engaging environment for me; in close community with my cohort members, I was challenged to search for ways to best impact communities with efficient and culturally sensitive approaches. As a physician, I am proud to say that the program laid the path for the development of a community hospital in Burkina Faso. I enthusiastically recommend the program to students looking to live lives of deep and lasting impact on communities around the world."

MAICD Graduate Caleb Tindano
Director, Integrated Development Project of Bilanga
Association Voir et Agir, Burkina Faso

"NU's International Care and Community Development program gave me the needed theoretical basis for understanding, as well as field experience through the on-the-ground practicum, to prepare me for my work as an NGO worker in Africa. Incorporating self-reflection along with critical thinking, the program fostered my creativity and my ability to creatively approach the challenges faced in the field. Frankly, MAICD made me more employable because it is such a cutting-edge, pragmatically relevant program in a sea of more traditional development degrees."

MAICD Graduate Shirley Grew
Country Director
Soft Power Health, Uganda

"Education and experience are necessary to be competitive in today's workplace. Upon graduating from the MAICD program, I was able to add both to my resume. With its emphasis on relevant issues in the global community, and its incorporation of practical experience through the practicum semester, the MAICD program is ushering in a new generation of leaders who are equipped to change the world."

MAICD Graduate Kaylin King
Director of Development
Jolkona Foundation, USA

"One great thing about MAICD is that you don't have to know exactly where you are going when you come into the program; the program is a process that helps a person to discover vision and sharpen a passion for a particular aspect of community development. My experience in the MAICD program helped me to clearly define my life's mission, both personally and professionally. Personally, it provided clarity on the values that are most important to me and challenged me to be intentional with the decisions I make each day. Professionally, it instilled knowledge and passion to become an agent of justice and social change -- and that lead directly to my job with a non-profit focused on securing land rights for the world's poorest."

MAICD Graduate Harmonie Demos
Foundations Coordinator
Landesa, USA

"The MAICD program challenged me to explore complex issues of faith, justice, and culture, both individually and as a member of a supportive and inspiring cohort. Participating in the MAICD program helped prepare me to work in a nonprofit setting, and developed in me a deeper understanding of what it means to love and serve God and others. I am incredibly thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this tremendous program."

MAICD Graduate Ellie McDermott
Employment Manager
World Relief, USA

"The International Care and Community Development provides an exceptional balance of theoretical and practical knowledge for a career in global relief and development. My understanding of and the way that I approach the complexity of poverty dramatically changed over the course of the program, from a single-answer solution to a holistic approach. As a graduate of the program and as a development practitioner, I was immediately able to apply the knowledge gained through my course work to my development work in the field."

MAICD Graduate Michelle Benes
Founder and Director
Ekari Foundation, Malawi

"To achieve the ambitious relief and development goals of the 21st century, one must possess not only the practical skills of community development and organizational management, but also the ability to patiently apply them in a culturally-informed way that strengthens the integrity of local leadership. The MA in International Care and Community Development from Northwest equipped me with skills to define, achieve, and evaluate sustainable success – skills that I apply every day as a professional grass-roots development worker."

MAICD Graduate Brian Humphreys
National Program Manager, Construye tus Sueños
Peace Corps, Dominican Republic

"Anyone who is passionate and interested in serving underprivileged communities through sustainable development should give careful consideration to the MAICD program at Northwest University. I cannot say enough about how this program equipped me to lead and serve young and marginalized women in Honduras — an opportunity I would not have had apart from obtaining this degree. The practical principles that were taught in the program have helped truly helped me to make a difference in the lives of the poor."

MAICD Graduate Joseph Rahm
President, The Leadership Center
Art for Humanity, Honduras

"One sees through their own eyes only, until taught to look through the eyes of another. The MAICD program is more than education; it is the cultivation of a way of looking at the world, thinking about its needs, and creating lasting change. This way of seeing now shapes my work and my life."

MAICD Graduate Lindsay Anderson
Events Coordinator/Experiential Engagement
World Vision, USA

"Northwest University's MAICD degree has given me credibility to augment my experience. I entered the program with a heart for social justice and graduated equipped to engage in the global discourse. The breadth of fields we studied prepared me for the variety of projects my nonprofit work has provided."

MAICD Graduate Beth Bruno
Founder/Executive Director
A Face to Reframe, USA

"After working for World Vision for 3 years prior to joining the MAICD program, I wanted to take the next step to support my career in international development. MAICD was a perfect fit for this journey. Class time was invigorating, and I regularly found myself applying class material to my work and vice versa. Now, having a master's degree through MAICD gives a different level of credibility to my work as I often speak on behalf of the organization. I am more knowledgeable, confident and passionate about World Vision's model of development as a result of my time in the program. Most importantly, the opportunity to share two years with like-minded people—people who live to be the change they wish to see in the world—was a gift I will treasure for a lifetime."

MAICD Graduate Megan Caddell
Regional Manager, Child Ambassador Program
World Vision, USA

"In my first non-profit job after graduating from the MAICD program — managing a job skills training program for refugees and facilitating an interfaith advocacy group with Habitat for Humanity — I leaned heavily on all that I had learned in the program. The degree has been absolutely crucial in my process of professional development. In addition, I've regularly collaborated with my cohort members in several different endeavors, and I'm blessed to experience such sustained interconnectedness with my MAICD peers."

MAICD Graduate Shauna Metschke
Special Initiatives Program Manager, Family Services
Habitat for Humanity, USA

"The MAICD program has turned my dream of making a difference in others' lives into reality. I entered the program simply knowing that I had a passion for unfortunate children; I graduated equipped to develop holistic responses to meet their needs on a practical level. The program trained me to create culturally responsive programs to address social issues — a capacity that can be applied not just in the United States but also in my home country, Indonesia. I confidently recommend this program to people living outside the US who have vision to enact social change in their home countries. I'm deeply grateful for my MAICD experience."

MAICD Graduate Fiona Winoto
Education Specialist
World Vision, Indonesia

Faculty/Professional Endorsements, MAICD

"As a preparation for a career in the global relief and development industry, Northwest University's MA in MAICD offers a solid grounding in development theory and practice. Students acquire skills and knowledge from a range of practitioner experts, covering a breadth of content areas from not-for-profit management to community-based development."

MAICD Faculty Paul Stephenson
Senior Director, Child Development and Rights
World Vision International

"We live in an increasingly complex and discontinuous era, marked by urbanization, globalization, and a widening gap between the world's rich and poor. The MAICD program of Northwest University is committed to preparing professional practitioners who are equipped through academic engagement, theory and real world skills to engage in international relief, development and community care. The MA enables graduates to enter the global marketplace as development professionals prepared to bring holistic transformation thorough action and reflection."

MAICD Faculty Bill Prevette
Director of Practitioner Research
Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

"The MAICD program offers a unique curriculum that combines theory and practice & global and local within the context of a faith-inspired understanding of community. Students who desire to be better equipped to serve and lead should seriously consider this program."

MAICD Faculty Jonathan Lembright
Southeast Asia Regional Director
Education USA

"With an increasingly competitive landscape for those wanting to work in global development, the need for graduate level education is clear. The MAICD program provides the right balance of knowledge, training, and experience. Because you're being taught by academics and practitioners, you'll also graduate the program with a wealth of relationships that will help you in your chosen field."

MAICD Faculty Brian Howe
Cofounder and CEO
Format Health