Welcome Home, Concordia Students

Welcome Home, Concordia Students

We were so sorry to hear the surprising news about Concordia, and we were equally saddened by the situation it puts you in. It is no small thing for your world to get flipped upside down overnight. As another private university in the Pacific Northwest, we would be honored to walk alongside you and to offer a solution. We invite you into a welcoming Christian community with equal affordability to Concordia, easy ability to transfer, and a grant specifically for you.

Undergraduate Programs for Concordia University-Portland Students

  • Traditional Undergraduate* program on Kirkland Campus
  • NU Online

*Students in the traditional undergraduate program share a common Christian faith commitment and agree to adhere to the lifestyle standards of Northwest University. A faith commitment is not required of individuals in the NU Online program.

Education Programs Online

As an added service for students pursuing certification in Oregon, the NU College of Education will support individuals through the Oregon certification transfer process. Northwest University offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education online GYO**
  • Master in Teaching online GYO**
  • Master of Education online

**Certification pathways require a C or above for education classes. Northwest University will transfer all credits that have content equivalencies.

Financial Aid

NU will offer a $5,000 scholarship, renewable for up to three additional years, in addition to a transfer student scholarship for which the student may qualify. Students who have filed a FAFSA for the 2020–21 academic year will need to add Northwest University, (school code is 003783). Upon receipt of the FAFSA a financial aid offer will be given.

Transfer Credits

  • NU will accept all eligible credits with a grade of D- or higher.
  • NU will create an individualized transfer plan for each interested student to determine the quickest route to completion.
  • Students majoring in programs which NU does not offer may change their major or pursue Interdisciplinary Studies.


  • Students interested in intercollegiate athletics (NAIA) should inquire with Admissions.
  • Decisions related to team participation and scholarships will be made by NU coaches.

Streamlined Admissions Process for Concordia University-Portland Students

Concordia students receive a streamlined application process which is abbreviated from a typical transfer process. To apply, simply follow the steps below for your desired program.

Traditional Undergraduate Program on Kirkland Campus

Step 1 – Start an Application Online

Step 2 – Create an Application

  • Under Academic Level select “NU Program Transfer or Re-Entry”
  • Under Campus select “Kirkland”
  • Complete the other fields and hit submit

Step 3 – Complete the Application

This streamlined application requires a brief 250 word essay about the applicant’s Christian faith and testimony.

Contact Admissions at admissions@northwestu.edu or 425-889-5231.

NU Online Program

Attend class anywhere, anytime. Classes are seven weeks long, taken two at a time. Our online instructors aren’t simply hired for their knowledge, we also look for professors who love students and bring out their very best. Many come from local companies and offer real-world insight into your career.

Contact Admissions at online@northwestu.edu or 425-889-6200.

More Information

Northwest University offers two distinct programs for Concordia University students to flexibly complete their degree – Traditional Undergraduate and NU Online. Eligibility for this transfer arrangement requires enrollment at NU for the Fall ‘20 or Spring '21 semester. After enrolling, students must maintain continuous enrollment through degree completion to retain the program benefits.

Academic Eligibility

Students who meet admission standards through the abbreviated application and a 2.0 GPA will be automatically admitted. All eligible credits of a D- or higher are generously transferred.


Concordia University will provide the transcript for students applying to NU. NU will accept a copy of transcripts from previous schools submitted to Concordia.