Concurrent Credit Program

Concurrent Credit Program

Concurrent Credit allows Northwest University and Christian high schools to partner together to offer university courses to high school students allowing them to get an early start on their university career at a low cost. The program’s success is based on the partnership between qualified high school instructors and the various academic departments at Northwest University. The intent is to offer general education courses which can be applied to any degree a student chooses.

Since Northwest University’s Concurrent Credit Program began, many students have taken advantage of the opportunity by enrolling in freshman and sophomore-level college courses. The program provides the university an opportunity to play a significant role in the education of top performing students and an opportunity to collaborate with high school instructors. The program encourages campus visits as well as college instructors to participate as guest lecturers in the high school classrooms.

Program Benefits

  • Experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of a university while still in high school.
  • Increase enthusiasm and motivation among students and instructors.
  • Enhance ability and skills to do university work and aid students to gain confidence for college success.
  • Provide an opportunity for university and high school instructors to collaborate and share methods, ideas and experiences for the benefit of the students.

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