Cost for Graduate Programs

2020–2021 Academic Year

This is the breakdown of graduate educational costs at Northwest University. The university updates tuition and fees each year. This breakdown is designed to give you an idea of what it costs to attend Northwest University.

Program Tuition Fees* Credits
College of Business
  Master of Business Administration $898/Credit $60/Semester 39
College of Education
  Master in Teaching $1,025/Credit $75/Semester 30
  Master of Education $815/Credit $75/Semester 30–36
College of Ministry
  MA in Bible & Theology $610/Credit $60/Semester 36
  MA in Church Revitalization $610/Credit $60/Semester
(Not including travel fees)
  MA in Leadership Studies $610/Credit $60/Semester 36
  MA in Ministry Leadership $610/Credit $60/Semester 36
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling $789/Credit $200/Semester 60
  On campus MA in International Community Development $699/Credit $105/Semester 36
  Online Global Hybrid MA in International Community Development $699/Credit $35/Semester
(Not including travel fees)
  PsyD Counseling Psychology $947/Credit $255/Semester 119
Center for Leadership Studies
  EdD in Organizational Leadership $827/Credit $200/Semester 60
  PhD in Organizational Leadership $827/Credit $200/Semester 72

* Fees may vary per Semester. The figures stated here are averages. Additional fees may apply. Consult the Graduate Catalog for more information.