College of Adult and Professional Studies

Kimberly D’Angelo

College of Adult and Professional Studies

  • M.A.C.P. Northwest University, 2008
  • B.A. Seattle Pacific University, 2002

CAPS Psychology Program Coordinator


Kimberly is passionate about adult education and has spent the past seven years in the College of Adult Professional Studies (CAPS), working with adult students to help them realize their dreams of obtaining a higher education degree. 

She is also passionate about partnering with students towards realizing their professional and academic goals in order to fulfill their personal calling and mission in life.  In fact, students that Kimberly has partnered with in the CAPS psychology program have gone on to many excellent graduate schools, such as UW, George Fox, Lewis and Clark, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, and our own Northwest University. From this, many of her former CAPS students are now in fulfilling careers such as drug and alcohol counselors, private counseling practitioners, public school counselors, para-educators and more. In addition, she is driven to advocacy efforts within her local community. Kimberly believes that each and every student is entitled to an equitable education. With this as her mission, she ran for election for her local school district. As an elected school board member, Kimberly is able to use her professional expertise to impact the lives of children in the K-12 educational setting. What's more, is that as a school board member, she has come to recognize the impactful role she has as a counseling professional, in terms of creating government policy based on social justice advocacy, and providing an equitable, accessible education for all. With that in mind, Kimberly believes wholeheartedly that each and every person has a God given potential that is enhanced when afforded the educational opportunity, this includes her students who become a part of the NU community. In both Kimberly roles, as a faculty instructor and a school board director, she wants to be a change agent, finding ways to make both public education and higher education accessible, equitable and available to all.


Working with her son on legislative issues, watching her youngest daughter play premier soccer, traveling and watching documentaries and cooking shows, running backroad trails, exploring and implementing new ideas with her community related to social justice advocacy and political causes. 


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