Faculty & Administration

Listed Alphabetically by Last Name

Judy Anderson Anderson, Judy Assistant Professor, Nursing
Suzanne Barsness Barsness, Suzanne Assistant Professor, Nursing
Steve Bostrom Bostrom, Steve Director, Marketing
Renee Bourdeaux Bourdeaux, Renee Assistant Professor, Communication
Kari Brodin Brodin, Kari Professor, New Testament and Greek
Clint Bryan Bryan, Clint Assistant Professor, English
Jonathon Burt Burt, Jonathon Assistant Professor, History
Robert Campbell Campbell, Robert Assistant Professor, Psychology
Joseph Castleberry Castleberry, Joseph President, Northwest University
Rowlanda Cawthon Cawthon, Rowlanda Assistant Professor, Management
Blaine Charette Charette, Blaine Professor, Bible, Greek
Carl Christensen Christensen, Carl Dean, Nursing
Hannah Co Co, Hannah Digital Services Librarian, Library
Ron Cole Cole, Ron Assistant Professor, Music
Ken Cornell Cornell, Ken Senior Vice President, Advancement
Jeremy Delamarter Delamarter, Jeremy Assistant Professor, Education
Tracie Delgado Delgado, Tracie Assistant Professor, Biology
Don Doty Doty, Don Professor, Business Management
Sarah Drivdahl Drivdahl, Sarah Dean, Professor, Psychology
Janet Dubois Dubois, Janet Assistant Professor, Nursing
Jonathan Dyhr Dyhr, Jonathan Assistant Professor, Biology
Leihua Edstrom Edstrom, Leihua Associate Professor, Psychology
Rick Engstrom Engstrom, Rick Dean, Student Development
Adam Epp Epp, Adam Director, Library
Teresa Gillespie Gillespie, Teresa Dean, Professor, Business
Cheri Goit Goit, Cheri Associate Professor, Nursing
Wayde Goodall Goodall, Wayde Dean, Professor, Ministry
Chrystal Helmcke Helmcke, Chrystal Assistant Professor, Communications and Theatre Arts
James Heugel Heugel, James Provost
David Hymes Hymes, David Associate Professor, Old Testament
Forrest Inslee Inslee, Forrest Professor, Global Studies
Larry Ishmael Ishmael, Larry Associate Professor, Business
Ron Jacobson Jacobson, Ron Dean, Associate Professor, Education
Nikki Johnson Johnson, Nikki Assistant Professor, Psychology
John Jordan Jordan, John Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Kaufmann Kaufmann, Andrew Assistant Professor, Political Science
Stephanie Kerr Kerr, Stephanie Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
Suzan Kobashigawa Kobashigawa, Suzan Professor, Education, TESL
Paul Kress Kress, Paul Professor, Education
Kim Lampson Lampson, Kim Associate Professor, Psychology
Kevin Leach Leach, Kevin Professor, Psychology
Julie Lerwick Lerwick, Julie Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Jeff Lockhart Lockhart, Jeff Assistant Professor, Business
Brooke Lundquist Lundquist, Brooke Assistant Professor, Psychology, Director of Academic Programs
Will Mari Mari, Will Assistant Professor, Communication
Joseph McQueen McQueen, Joseph Assistant Professor, English
Rebecca Meeder Meeder, Rebecca Assistant Professor, Education
Joshua Meeks Meeks, Joshua Assistant Professor, History
Steve Mills Mills, Steve Assistant Professor, Ministry
Todd Nelson Nelson, Todd Assistant Professor, Business
Matt Nelson Nelson, Matt Dean, Professor, Psychology
Lenae Nofziger Nofziger, Lenae Assistant Professor, English
William Owen Owen, William Associate Professor, Music
Lianne Pang Pang, Lianne Reference Services Librarian, Library
Samantha Price Price, Samantha NUSG President
Molly Quick Quick, Molly Associate Professor, Humanities Methods, Instructional Design
Brenda Rasmussen Rasmussen, Brenda Instructor, Music
Phil Rasmussen Rasmussen, Phil Campus Pastor, Campus Ministries
Cherri Seese Seese, Cherri Assistant Professor, Psychology
Tom Sill Sill, Tom Associate Professor, Business
Greg Spyridis Spyridis, Greg Associate Professor, Chemistry
Robert Stallman Stallman, Robert Professor, Bible, Hebrew
Eric Steinkamp Steinkamp, Eric Professor, Life Sciences
Millicent Thomas Thomas, Millicent Professor, Mathematics
David Thomas Thomas, David Associate Professor, New Testament, Intercultural Studies
Thor Tolo Tolo, Thor Assistant Professor, Business
Daniel Tomandl Tomandl, Daniel Assistant Professor, Physics and Math
Merry van Zoeren Van Zoeren , Merry Visiting Professor, Nursing
Jeremiah Webster Webster, Jeremiah Assistant Professor, English
Kenneth Whaley Whaley, Kenneth Associate Professor, Education
Jack Wisemore Wisemore, Jack Professor, Theology, Philosophy
Jacob Witt Witt, Jacob Assistant Professor, English
Autumn Witt Witt, Autumn Assistant Professor, English, ESOL
Mizue Yamada-Fells Yamada-Fells, Mizue Associate Professor, Music
Joshua Ziefle Ziefle, Joshua Associate Professor, Youth Ministries