Financial Aid

Empowering the Future

Award Amount

Equal to 50% of tuition.

Available To

Undergraduate Kirkland Campus First-Year and Running Start Students
Undergraduate Kirkland Campus Transfer Students


Every Kirkland on-campus undergraduate student who is pursuing a College of Ministry degree will receive financial aid, not including loans, equal to at least 50% of tuition. This financial aid includes Pell, institutional scholarships, institutional grants, and endowment funding. If these sources do not reach 50% of tuition, an additional discount titled “Empowering the Future” will be given to reach the 50% of tuition amount.

  1. New and transfer students, based on their answer to the major question in the application, must also submit a supplementary application. This application will include a short essay discussing their call/desire to study ministry.
  2. When approved, they will be accepted as provisional COM students and will be eligible for the 50% tuition discount for their first year of enrollment.
  3. Full application to COM will take place in the first two semesters of a student’s enrollment. Failure to be accepted into the COM will result in the loss of provisional status and loss of the 50% tuition discount in future years.


New and transfer students must apply to and be accepted to Northwest University. They must indicate on their university application that they are interested in pursuing a COM degree. NOTE: International students can only qualify once they are fully enrolled; i.e. not while studying English in CELE.


To retain this discount after their first two semesters, students must be formally accepted into the College of Ministry. Students who change to a non-COM major or non-traditional program will no longer be eligible for the tuition discount; participation in a COM major will be confirmed via regular reaffirmations during advising meetings and satisfactory progress in the major curriculum.

  • The discount will continue until the student earns 125 credits toward an NU COM degree according to the following guidelines:
    • This discount will apply to a maximum of 8 semesters (Fall/Spring only). The discount does not apply to Summer semester.
    • This discount only applies to Fall and Spring semesters where a student needs 12 or more credits to reach 125 credits. If a student needs less than 12 credits to reach 125 credits, this discount does not apply. Students should plan their courses carefully and utilize the Summer semester to ensure that they complete their degree within the number of semesters the discount is available.
    • All transfer credits that can apply toward the 125 credit degree requirement, must apply.
    • Students must, on average, earn at least 30 credits during every two semester period (excluding Summer). Students who fail to complete 30 credits must take Summer courses to make up the difference. The exception to this is first year students who are admitted on Success standing. These students take only 12 credits their first semester and may complete only 27 credits their first year. These students need to be aware of the number of credits they need complete their degree within the number of semesters the discount is available.
  • The student will be required to maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • The student will be required to participate in retreats, seminars, etc. put on by COM.
  • After their first semester, the student will be required to serve a minimum of 5–7 hours per week in a local church during the school year, except for those weeks when they are traveling due to a required class trip or Choralons-related event.