Traditional Student Scholarships

Presidential & Provost’s Scholarships

Available to:

Kirkland Campus Freshmen and Running Start Students


Incoming Freshman for Fall Semester. Must achieve a High School GPA of 3.75, and score at least a 1840 on the SAT or score at least a 28 on the ACT. Once the GPA and one of the score criteria have been met by February 15, an invitation will be extended to the on-campus scholarship competition occurring March 1st and 2nd.

Presidential - may not receive with other Institutional Scholarships or Tuition Credits (Pastors, District Youth Director, Academic, Talent, Northwest University Success, Bible Quiz, or Debate). Provost - May not receive with the following Institutional Aid: Academic, Northwest University Success, Northwest University Tuition Credits.

Award Amount:

Up to three full tuition Presidential Scholarships and three half-tuition Provost’s Scholarships per year (maximum of eight semesters). Additional scholarships may be awarded.


All eligibility requirements must be met by February 15.


Must be enrolled for full-time study, maintain a 3.30 cumulative GPA at Northwest University (renewable with a 3.00 for the first semester only), and reside on-campus.

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