Financial Aid

How Financial Aid Disburses

If you have been selected for verification and you have not turned in all required documents, financial aid will not be applied to your owing charges. Please contact Student Financial Services.

Institutional and Federal Scholarships and Grants

Institutional and federal scholarships and grants will apply to an account approximately two weeks after the start of the term.


Loan funds will be applied to the owing balance after the required entrance counseling and loan agreement has been signed.  The funds will disburse approximately four to five weeks after the term has started.

Washington State Need Grant Scholarship

Through the State Of Washington Student Directive form, the grant may pay charges directly or there is a choice to receive it as a refund or direct deposit. 

If you choose electronic disbursement, financial aid funds automatically credit the student account at the beginning of each term.

If you choose to receive a check, your financial aid will be available by mail or direct deposit at the beginning of the term but will not apply to your owing balance.  You will be responsible for ensuring your balance is paid.

Non-Northwest University Scholarships

Most of the scholarship checks from outside sources will be mailed to Northwest University and automatically applied to your account. The scholarship funds will be divided equally over two semesters unless there is  information submitted with the check that requires otherwise.


If you receive work-study as part of your financial aid offer the expectation is that you will work to earn this amount, it is not a guaranteed source of funds.  If work-study is needed to pay the balance of your account, you are responsible to writing a check to Northwest.