Act Six Campaign

Act Six Scholars Initiative

The Act Six Leadership & Scholarship Initiative at Northwest University provides an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of urban students, who, without personal support and financial assistance, face challenges that undermine their individual pursuit of college and success.

About Act Six

Each year, the Act Six organization identifies outstanding leaders among students at urban high schools in cities throughout the Pacific Northwest who are committed to service and giving something back. They are promising, talented, diverse yet underserved individuals, and many are first-generation college students who come from challenging economic circumstances. Read more about Act Six

Our Commitment

After a lengthy vetting process, the Act Six organization introduces us to a group of finalists each year who have selected Northwest University as one of their top choices. We then choose a group of students to receive full-need scholarships and form an NU cadre to support each other through college. Whatever costs the government and other scholarship donors do not cover, we step up and fund.*

High Achieving Students

The Act Six Scholars we select and fund each year are high achievers who add depth and leadership to our student body inside and outside the classroom. Here are some characteristics of our Act Six Scholars:

  1. Because our Act Six Scholars come to NU with Christian faith commitment and proven leadership potential, they quickly seek areas of service on campus and rise to positions of leadership;
  2. Because our Scholars are grateful for the opportunity to pursue college with this financial assistance, they have a keen sense of opportunity and try to make the most of their studies;
  3. Because many of our Act Six Scholars tend to come from immigrant families or other financially challenged situations, they live gratefully and readily express their appreciation for Northwest University support; and
  4. Because our Scholars come from circumstances where need is prevalent, they gravitate to people in need.

World Changing Graduates

Each year our Act Six Scholars consistently demonstrate a commitment to use their college education to make a difference in their communities and in the world for God's Kingdom. Last year, through our first graduating cohort, we saw them fulfill the calling they received as students by taking our mission and values into a needy world in the power of God's Spirit.

Please enjoy reading about two of our recently graduated Acts Six Scholars!

Quick Facts

  • 27 current Act Six Scholars at NU.
  • *Total NU Act Six Scholar awards this year: $506,000.
  • Many Act Six Scholars receive full tuition; some slightly more than full tuition from NU.
  • Current NU Act Six Scholars serve in highly influential leadership positions on campus, such as NUSG President, NUSG Activities Chair, Resident Assistants, Event Coordinators, NUMA Directors, worship team leaders, missions team members, and athletes.
  • NU graduated our first cadre of 7 Act Six Scholars in May of 2013!

We invite you to partner with us in the lives of these world changing students!

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