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Northwest University Foundation Legacy Scholarships

Your legacy gift is a story of generosity that has no end.

Student Scholarships help Northwest University attract new students as well as retain our current student body. Your gift enables students to focus on their education and fully embrace campus life as they continue to grow in a strong community.

"I quite literally couldn't have attended this university without you following the Lord's call to be generous and to help others. And I will say thank you in advance for all the generations of students that are to follow me, that will only be able to come here if you choose to be generous again. Thank you."

Holly Hollopeter, recipient of the President’s Scholarship

Northwest University Legacy Leaders continue to bless our students through the endowments they have established. Their stories are powerful, inspiring and we want to share them with you. Over the coming months, we will post more stories and if you’d like to contribute toward an endowment you resonate with, we would be grateful for your generosity and support.

Endowed Scholarships

Business Scholarships
Jordan/Dahlgren/Milam Memorial Scholarship Give
Tyler Pecota Memorial Scholarship Give
Ministry or Missions Scholarships
Harold and Laural Arneson Memorial Scholarship Give
Paul G. and Joyce Bahnsen Memorial Scholarship Give
Douglas Benton Memorial Scholarship
Birkeland Scholarship Fund Give
R.A. Bullock Scholarship Give
Fulton Buntain Honorary Scholarship Give
James Jackson Castleberry Memorial Scholarship Give
Sallee Conn Memorial Scholarship Give
H.W. Crowder Memorial Scholarship
Rev. Paul Fenton Matching Scholarship Give
Rev. Paul Fenton Memorial Scholarship Give
Friendship Church of Palm Desert Ministry Scholarship Give
Ron and Janice Hastie Ministry Scholarship Give
Hickman Hodges Scholarship Give
A.E. Hokanson Memorial Scholarship Give
Hurst Family Scholarship Give
Donald Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Kings Circle Missions Scholarship Give
Leisy Trust Scholarship Fund
McNeven Memorial Scholarship Give
Henry H. Ness Scholarship Give
Dorothy Paine Memorial Scholarship
Casper Raybuck Scholarship Give
Scheller Legacy Endowment Give
Shebal Scholarship Fund Give
Rob & Mildred Tangen Memorial Scholarship
H.B. Walkup Memorial Scholarship
Ted & Jeanne Welk Memorial Scholarship
Music Scholarships
Arlyn and Sharon Nelson Scholarship Give
Casper Raybuck Scholarship Give
William R. Swaffield Honorary Scholarship Give
Bud Tutmarc Music Scholarship Give
Daniel S. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Give
Non-Specific or Behavioral Science
George Perry Floyd Memorial Scholarship Give
Rod Allin Memorial Scholarship
L & E Amundsen Memorial Scholarship
Idaho Bruck Scholarship Give
Butterfield Foreign Student Memorial Scholarship Give
Ray & Shirley Clark Honor Scholarship
Dan Conti Memorial Scholarship Give
Ella V. Corse Memorial Scholarship
Arul E. Daniel International Scholarship
Peter and Anetha DeBoer Memorial Give
Haakon Filan Endowed Scholarship Give
Grant and Meyer Scholarship Give
Oliver Guy Memorial Scholarship
LeRoy Johnson Scholarship Give
Bobby Kerr Memorial Scholarship Give
Bessie McMullen Memorial Scholarship
Doug & Carol Peterson Scholarship Give
Henry Portin Memorial Scholarship Give
Rice Scholarship Fund Give
Tom & Lois Russell Scholarship Give
John & Edith Simpson Memorial Scholarship Give
Guy Smith Family Scholarship
Daniel S. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Give
Women’s Fellowship Endowed Scholarship Give
Nursing Scholarships
Edith Butterfield Nursing Scholarship Give
Presley Castleberry Family Scholarship Give
Rosalie Elenbaas Memorial Scholarship
Johnson Family Nursing School Fund Give
Jordan/Dahlgren/Milam Memorial Scholarship Give
Dawn Jordshaugen Memorial Scholarship Give
Faye Seick Martin School of Nursing Fund Give
Joy McCormick Memorial Scholarship Give
Oakes Nursing Scholarship Give
Rairdan Missionary Nursing Scholarship
Esther J. Roberts Nursing School Give

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Philanthropic Relations
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