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George Perry Floyd Memorial Scholarship

The George Perry Floyd Memorial Scholarship has been established to remind future generations of Northwest University students of the unjust death of a Black man at the hand of government officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial Day, May 29, 2020. Symbolic of the suffering of his people over the centuries in America since the first African slave was trafficked to America in 1619, Mr. Floyd’s death set off a wave of conscience across the nation. Those who have contributed to this scholarship fund desire to say to Black students in the years to come that we see your struggle and will come to your side to help you achieve your dreams of a university education and a future of justice, opportunity, and dignity.

This scholarship is permanently endowed by donors and will pay an annual scholarship award equaling 4.5% of the total amount given, with a minimum annual scholarship of $1,000 awarded to a Black student eligible for Pell Grant awards. The university will choose a deserving student each year from applications received or students nominated by interested parties.

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