How to Give

We Make Giving Easy With Options

There are many ways you can give to Northwest University. Listed below are many different options. Each gift will help us continue our mission of providing students with a Christ-centered education they take with them into all of the world. 

Credit Cards

Make your gift online through our secured system, or please call our University Advancement Office at 425-889-5295, to process your gift.


Make your check payable to: Northwest University. Please note that your gift is for general purpose, for a scholarship endowment, or for another purpose. Mail your check to:

University Advancement Office
Northwest University
P.O. Box 579
Kirkland, Washington 98083-0579

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic funds transfer is an easy way to support Northwest University. You decide the amount of your monthly contribution and send an authorization to Northwest University. With your permission, we notify your bank to withdraw the specified amount from your account every month and deposit it into the University's account. Please send a deposit slip from your bank account with your letter of authorization which should include the amount of withdrawal and frequency (monthly/quarterly/annually). This is all the information we need for you to easily donate.

Employee Automatic Pay Withdrawal

Employees of Northwest University may request automatic deductions from their pay check. Simply submit your request in writing to the University Advancement Office including your name, amount of deduction per paycheck, purpose for gift, and date of first withdrawal.

Matching Gifts

If you work for a company that matches gifts to colleges and universities, you may be able to double or triple the impact of your gift to Northwest University. Subsidiaries of parent companies are usually eligible, and retired employees and spouses may qualify as well. Simply ask your personnel office for a matching gift form, follow the instructions for filling out the form, and send the completed form with your gift to:

University Advancement Office
Northwest University
P.O. Box 579
Kirkland, Washington 98083-0579

Gifts of Stock

With gifts of stock and securities, you may support Northwest University while realizing tax savings yourself. Gifts of appreciated property enable you to save taxes twice: first, you may generally deduct the full current value of the stocks (not just what you originally paid); and second, you bypass capital gains taxes.

Gift Annuities

A gift annuity makes it possible to give to Northwest University and also guarantee income for life for yourself and/or someone you designate. Northwest University can arrange for annuity payments to be electronically transferred to your checking or savings account.

Scholarship Support

A wonderful way to honor a friend, a loved one, or a faculty member is by establishing a scholarship in his/her name. In the case of an annual scholarship, the entire amount is awarded in the academic year following the year the gift is made. Once the funds are expended, the scholarship ceases to exist. The scholarship carries the name of the person you wish to honor. A minimum gift of $5,000 ($1,000 per year for 5 years) is required to establish an annual scholarship.

If you want to establish a scholarship that lasts forever, consider an endowed scholarship. An endowed scholarship named in honor of a loved one, friend or professor, provides a return on your investment and is awarded annually for life. To ensure sufficient scholarship levels, a minimum of $15,000 within 3 years is required to establish a named endowed scholarship. Or you may add to our recently established Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund with a gift of any amount.

Including Northwest University in Your Will

Estate gifts are the ultimate expression of your support for the mission of Northwest University. Recent changes in federal accounting standards enable Northwest University to list bequests as assets. Just by notifying the school of your estate plans, you strengthen the financial position of Northwest University. If you have already included the University in your will, or are contemplating your estate plans, please let us know.

Questions About Giving?

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Executive Director of Development
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Philanthropic Relations
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