NUhope Staff

Dr. Grant Martin

Licensed Psychologist
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Martin has specialty in the area of special needs of children and adolescents. This includes the identification and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder, learning problems, anxiety and depression in children and adolescence. He has an extensive background in behavior problems, parent-child relationships, and family violence issues, including child sexual abuse.

Education and Training

His undergraduate degree was from Westmont College, in Santa Barbara, CA, the MS Degree in School Psychology was from the University of Idaho, and the Ph.D. in School Psychology is from the University of Washington.

Formerly a clinical professor at Western Washington University, I have worked at the Child Development Center at the UW, as well as a K-12 school psychologist. I have been an adjunct professor in the doctoral family psychology program at Seattle Pacific University and am currently an adjunct professor at Northwest University.

Dr. Martin has written fourteen books, including: The Attention Deficit Child. Other books include Help! For Teachers: Strategies for Reaching All Students. Help! My Child Is Struggling In School, and Help! My Child Isn't Learning, were published by Focus on the Family.

Special Interests

Dr. Martin enjoys woodworking and fly-fishing.

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