Student Care

Northwest University’s first priority is the well-being of its students. During their time at NU, your son or daughter will have access to resources that will help them grow academically, spiritually, and personally. Here are a few ways NU cares for its students. 

Counseling Services

University life is rewarding, but it can be an adjustment. Counseling services are available to help students achieve success by assisting them to better understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, enabling them to grow.

Career Development

The Career Development team is available to guide students through their academic journeys. Scheduling an appointment is easy and always beneficial. Students can talk to a professional to help discover and understand their own strengths and to receive guidance. 

Health Services

Medical care is available to students through our full-time Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. Some of the services provided include annual exams, sports physicals, diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic health challenges, some immunizations and vaccines, and prescriptions.

Nutritional Services

A registered dietician supports students with nutrition education, diet assessment, food choices, and the management of various dietary issues.  

Residence Life

Students spend a great deal of their time in the residence halls. After all, it’s where they live. The Res Life team is committed to creating a safe, supportive, and enjoyable community within the residence halls.

Academic Success

Academic Success provides students with what it takes to succeed in college. Whether someone needs guidance in choosing a major, is seeking career advice, needs to make up a test, or wants tutoring, Academic Success is here to help.

Writing Center

Experienced peer writers are available to tutor students and help them reach their goals as writers and as students. Scheduling an appointment can turn a good writer into an exceptional one. 

Tutoring Services

If a student is in need of help, he or she can always rely on the tutoring center. Planning a session is simple. Once students contact advising, they will receive the assistance they need to help them succeed.  

Campus Ministries

Northwest University’s dedication to Christ is visible everywhere. Throughout the semester students attend chapel, Pursuit worship nights, life-group meetings. During their time at NU, students grow genuinely in faith. 

IT Support

Students are able to reach out the helpful IT team at any time. Whether it’s difficulty with a new piece of technology, virus prevention, or trouble turning in an online assignment, NU’s IT department is here to serve with patience.

Computer Labs

Banks of computers are available at a variety of campus locations and are free for all students to use. They are maintained by the IT department, run a variety of Microsoft software, and also provide internet access. 

Mailing Services

Students are given a PO Box number so they can send and receive mail.  Don’t worry about the size of the package. If something is too big for their mailbox, it will go to the mailroom. Students are notified via email when they have a package waiting for them.

Printing Services

At NU, printing is made easy. Printing kiosks are available in all residence halls. Students can also utilize other printing services such as high speed color copying, lamination, spiral and comb binding, and others. 

Student Employment

Many Northwest students are employed by the university. Numerous departments offer student jobs that can function as career- enhancing experiences that prepare a student for work once they graduate.

Eagle Fitness Center

The Eagle Fitness Center is available Monday through Saturday. Once serving as the training facility for the Seattle Seahawks, it’s equipped with everything you’d expect to find at a premium gym. 

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