Northwest Partnership Program

How Do We Begin?

Northwest Partnership Programs begin most easily with churches that already have structured internship programs. Students' academic responsibilities are scheduled around their ministry training obligations. Northwest is happy to assist churches without existing programs, but this lengthens the start-up time.

While smaller groups can be served, effectiveness is maximized with cohorts of 15 or more. These larger groups support a greater proportion of face-to-face instruction.

The steps for establishing a partnership proceed as follows:

  • A Northwest Partnership Program site visit occurs to review the partner's ministry facilities, classroom equipment, church support personnel, potential faculty, training opportunities, and financial processes.
  • Both institutions establish a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Northwest personnel begin obtaining necessary federal, state, local, and accreditation approvals.
  • Site personnel training is conducted at the university in early spring. Promotion and admissions processes begin in preparation for a fall semester start-up.

Next Steps

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