Office of the President

Northwest University Statement of Mourning for Ahmaud Arbery

Posted on May 8, 2020

The senseless, unjustifiable killing of Ahmaud Arbery, an innocent black man in Georgia, has shocked the conscience of millions across America in recent days. Across the lines of religion, politics, race, ethnicity, class, and other differences, Americans are grieving over this deplorable slaughter.

As Evangelical Christians who follow Jesus Christ in love for all people of all nations, peoples, tongues, and tribes, we want to express our grief over this interracial violence and all expressions of hate. We recognize at this time the special suffering of African-Americans, as such atrocities represent an unconscionable continuation of a long litany of injustice that stretches back to the origins of slavery in America and seems to have no end in sight. Further, we commit ourselves to continue and increase our efforts to put an end to this unique and original stain on our nation’s history, in Gospel hope for a better future for all Americans. Even as we pray for revival at this time of global pandemic, we recognize that a true awakening must include racial reconciliation.

To every African-American man, woman, boy and girl, we express our deep pain and sorrow and join you in this time of grief.  We add our prayers to yours for the achievement of true community, love, and reconciliation, and for the salvation of our beloved country. May God shed his grace on us all.

As the Board of Directors of Northwest University, we invite likeminded leaders to sign this statement and join in this expression of grief and solidarity.

Joseph Castleberry, EdD, President

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Northwest University Board of Directors and Northwest University Foundation Board Members

  • Donald Ross
    Superintendent, Northwest Ministry Network
  • Don Detrick
    Secretary/Treasurer, Northwest Ministry Network
  • Dave Cole
    Assistant Superintendent, Northwest Ministry Network
  • Alan Schaberg
    Superintendent, Wyoming Assemblies of God
  • Maxine Hayes
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Samuel Gordon
    Northwest University Board Member, Capital Christian Center
  • Chris Edwardson
    Vice Chairman, Northwest University Board of Directors
  • Barry Horn
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Barbara Petty
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Ron Hastie
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Dan Schimelpfenig
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Janet Weiss
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Justin Kawabori
    Executive Director, Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Kim Martin
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member
  • Eric Drivdahl
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member
  • Michael Pearce
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member, Church at the Red Door
  • Joseph Vincent
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Ted H. Terry
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member, Trietsch Memorial United Methodist, Flower Mound, TX
  • Boyd Powers
    Lead Pastor of Administration & Missions, Oregon Ministry Network
  • Ryan Kidwell
    President, Northwest University Alumni Association Board
  • Byron Perkins
    Northwest University Board Member
  • Arlyn Nelson
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member, Nelson Financial
  • Dana Rekow
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member
  • Michael Oskouian
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member and Chief Operating Officer, First Underwriters, Inc.
  • Dave Phillips
    Superintendent, Montana Ministry Network
  • Bill Owen
    Northwest University Foundation Board of Trustees Member, Faculty, Northwest University


  • Jeff Rogers
    Chairman, OneAccord
  • Kelly Wright
    Media, The Kelly Wright Show/America's Hope News Inc.
  • Troy Jones
    Lead pastor, New Life Church
  • Tyler Sollie
    Senior Pastor, Life Center Church, Tacoma, WA
  • Scott Dudley
    Senior Pastor, Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • Paul Alexander
    President, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School
  • Carol Taylor
    President, Evangel University
  • Scott Hagan
    University President, North Central University
  • David Kim
    President, University of Valley Forge
  • David Rule
    Senior. VP & Provost, Bastyr University
  • John Davidson
    Director, Alliance for AG Higher Education
  • Mason Rutledge
    President, C3 Leaders
  • Brandon Beals
    Pastor, Venture Church
  • Reggie Witherspoon
    Bishop/Pastor, Church of God In Christ
  • Phil Rasmussen
    Vice President, Northwest University
  • Rick Engstrom
    Dean of Student Development, Northwest University
  • Josh Burdick
  • Chrystal Helmcke
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Katherine Skillestad
    Adjunct Faculty, Northwest University
  • David Hymes
  • Bryan Chud
    Assistant Athletic Director, Northwest University
  • Lisa San Martin
    MAICD Program Advisor
  • James Heugel
  • Joseph McQueen
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Erica Cox
    Assistant Track Coach, Evangelical Covenant Church
  • Tim Thibert
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University and Police Captain (Ret.) City of Bellevue, WA
  • Marie Hoffman
    English Professor, Northwest University
  • Emily Skolrud
  • Cherri Seese
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Forrest Inslee
  • Jacqueline Probst
    Adjunct Professor
  • KC Masterman
  • Amy Kamm
  • Alec Bailey
  • Earl Creps
  • Levi Davenport
  • Li Lowry
    Director, Northwest University
  • Shannon DuBois
  • Deborah Vickers
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Alaine Buchanan
  • Clint Bryan
  • Clement Buchanan
    Champion Center
  • Rowlanda Cawthon
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Renee Bourdeaux
  • Heather Lucas
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Edward Ewe
    Associate Professor, Northwest University
  • Elizabeth Canfield
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Lex Breckinridge
    Rector, St Thomas Episcopal Church
  • Blaine Charette
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Naomi Fanshier
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Martin Zschoche
    Adjunct Professor
  • Kimberly Dangelo
  • Byron Klaus
    Faculty, Northwest University Oregon
  • Michael Tavani
  • Jodi Detrick
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Mark Mandi
  • David Bazan
    Information Technology, Northwest University
  • Eric Steinkamp
  • Leihua Edstrom
    Director of the Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology & Professor of Psychology, Northwest University
  • Philemon Zachariou
    Adjunct Professor, Capital Christian Center, Sacramento, CA
  • Eric Dooley
    Director, New Life Counseling Center
  • Victoria Clark
  • Jeremy Jones
  • Jack Wisemore
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Kari Brodin
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Jeremiah Campbell
    Adjunct Professor - World Missionary to Bolivia, Northwest University
  • Angela Craig
    Lead Pastor, Pursuit Church Live and Faculty, Northwest University
  • Ben Thomas
    Associate Provost, Northwest University
  • Christina Riley
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Abigail Pruss
    Adjunct, Northwest University
  • Bamana Larsen
  • Jon Bentall
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Jeremiah Webster
    Associate Professor
  • Blake Small
  • James Jensen
  • Jeremy Chambers
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Bill Hennessy
    Vice President of Academics, Trinity Bible College & Graduate School
  • Amy Fox
    Teacher, Bellevue Presbyterian
  • Amy Sjoquist
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Heidi Cook
    MAICD Program Coordinator
  • Ronald Cole
  • Kent Mankins
    Pastor, Spokane Valley Assembly
  • Jennifer Harris
    Associate Professor, Northwest University
  • Sara Julsrud
  • Curtis Pryor
    Pastor, PowerHouse Christian Fellowship
  • Robert Ford
    CIO, Northwest University
  • Carolyn Laurenzo
    Adjunct Instructor, NPP Coordinator
  • Jennifer North
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Lenae Nofziger
    Associate Professor, Northwest University
  • Kaylee Whitworth
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Katherine Skillestad Winans
    Adjunct Faculty, Northwest University
  • Ian O'Brien
    Executive Vice President, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School
  • Megan Netherton
  • LeRoy Johnson
  • Michael Kamplain
    Pastor and Teacher, Church of Christ
  • Melissa Gowen
    Adjunct Faculty
  • Skye Cornell
    International Advisor, Northwest University
  • John Patella
    Adjunct Faculty, Northwest University
  • Rodney Gullberg
    Adjunct Instructor, 1947
  • Ryan Kropf
    Staff, Northwest University
  • Dave Parker
    Lead Pastor, Eastside Christian Fellowship
  • Michael Cox
    Pastor, Community Dinners
  • Kevin Geer
    Lead Pastor, Canvas Church
  • Jeff Neuenschwander
    Lead Pastor, Central Community Church
  • Brian Dolleman
    Lead Pastor, NWLife Church, Renton WA
  • Debbie Lamm Bray
    Program Dean, Northwest University Oregon
  • Aaron Chidester
    Senior Pastor, Kauai Bible Church
  • Sarah Schuiling
    Adjunct Faculty
  • Steve Pike
    President, Urban Islands Project
  • Ryan Oletzke
    Lead Pastor, True Hope Church
  • Scott Underwood
    Pastor, Venture Church
  • Sean Gasperetti
    Lead Pastor, Reach Church - Everett
  • Sean Odell
    Lead Pastor, Path Church
  • Michael Vederoff
    Pastor, Hope Bible Fellowship
  • Katie Visker
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Frank Montgomery
    Pastor, Kings Circle
  • Griffin McGrath
    Youth & Young Adult Director, Arizona Ministry Network
  • Willie Parish
    President, Bread of Life Mission
  • Ken Crawford
    Instructor/Coach, Northwest University
  • Efrain Pineda
    Lead Pastor, Vida Church & Congreso RED
  • Jeffrey Coon
    Senior Pastor, Gods Lighthouse Church
  • Eric Roberts
    Pastor, Discovery Fellowship
  • Kay Klimczak
    Pastor, Angoon Assembly of God
  • Don Erlitz
    Senior Pastor, MountainView Christian Fellowship
  • Michael Ryan
    Rector, Saint John's Episcopal Church (Kirkland, WA)
  • John Opeta
    Senior Pastor, One Mission Center AG and Executive Treasurer, Hawaii Assemblies of God
  • Steve Smith
    Creative Director, Northwest University
  • Ben Dixon
    Lead Pastor, Northwest Church
  • Ray Noah
    Lead Pastor, Portland Christian Center
  • Gwen Mansfield
    Teacher, New Life, Poulsbo, WA
  • Dan Hamer
    Senior Associate Pastor, Overlake Christian Church
  • Charles Olmstead
    Director of Local Ministry Development, Salem Media Seattle
  • David Benson
    Lead Pastor, Family Life Church
  • Nick Steinloski
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Harvey Drake
    President, Urban Impact Seattle and Senior Pastor, Emerald City Bible Fellowship
  • Dan Laurenzo
    Lead Pastor, Lake Church, Lake Stevens
  • Anne Kuchera
    Special Assistant to the President, Northwest University
  • Denise Johnson
    Director of the Wellness Center, Northwest University
  • Gordon Walsh
    Lead Pastor, New Heritage Church
  • Patricia Shelton
    Instructor, Northwest University
  • John Vicory
    Marketing Director, Northwest University
  • John Shorb
    Teacher, Cedar Park Assembly of God
  • William Ballance
    Lead Pastor, Central Assembly Great Falls Montana
  • Kevin Gillispie
    Pastor, Family Worship Center
  • Jason Deuman
    Lead Pastor, Creekside Church
  • Myron Ness
    Lead Pastor, South Beach Christian Center
  • Corey Emmons
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Joseph Cumming
    Pastor, International Church at Yale
  • Melissa Giles
    Director of Operations and Parent Relations, Northwest University
  • Morgan Gerstenberger
    Online Advisor, Northwest University
  • Arlene Pilapil
    Pastor, Kona Coast Assembly of God
  • Ray Noah
    Lead Pastor, Portland Christian Center
  • Steve Gandara
    Managing Director, Excellent Cultures, Inc.
  • James Texeira
    Assistant Superintendent, Hawaii Assemblies of God
  • Robert Wallace
  • Tony Pizelo
    Associate Professor, Northwest University
  • Wesley Rodgers
    Area Coordinator, Northwest University
  • April Sherman
  • Carlos Hercules
  • Kristen Kaur
  • Zach Shelton
  • Emily Bennett
  • Gerson Barrientos
  • Alanna Dorow
  • Kameron Goetz
  • Iris May Schneider
  • Brigham Brown
    Lead Pastor, Living Hope Christian Center
  • Jordan Houghton
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Christin Seo
  • Zecharias Adebo
  • Brian Chen
  • Breena Wadekamper
    Reach Church
  • Sara Jemere
    Reach Church
  • Gracie Robeson
  • Chris Toavs
  • Ryan Mapes
    College of Ministry, Mill Creek Four Square
  • Morgan Carter
  • Shelby Smith
  • Tyler Hopp
  • Tristan Jepson
    Pastor, Arrow Youth
  • William Heinemann
  • Isabel Hoiem
  • Anthony Johnson
    Pastor, FaithPointe
  • Syra Azariah
  • Amber Browning
  • Millie Roko
  • Robert Willcoxen
  • Rosa Gonzalez
  • Reagan Wheelock
  • Jasmine Morales
  • Olivia Lindsey
  • Madelyn Samodurov
  • Emily Monroe
  • Jose Diaz
    Pastor, Casa de Misericordia
  • Lesley-Rose Gutter
  • Scott Scruggs
    Senior Pastor, Northshore Community Church
  • Juana Frias
    Teacher, Frias Family
  • Daniel Alston
  • Nicola Fish
  • Lauren Rice
  • Vanessa Franke
  • Daniel Levy
  • Samantha Snow
  • Summer Phillips
  • Sharon Anderson
  • Heidi Saheli
  • Gaby Morales
    Centro De Vida Familiar
  • Phoebe Odom
  • Olivia May
  • Jase Paulsen
  • Kenneth Guerr
  • Barbara Kelley
    Care Pastor, Life Center Tacoma
  • Becky Douthit
  • Gwen Rasmussen
  • Leila Praino
  • Brandon Jones
  • Lauren Hurston
  • Bettina Dorsett
  • Jeff Kirkland
    Lead Pastor, Family Life
  • Ahritzi Pacheco-Martinez
  • Eden Baca
  • Carter Cunningham
  • Timothy Ziesemer
    Pastor, Glad Tidings Darrington
  • Kathleen Motteler
  • Irina Owen
  • Rachel Terrill
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Sara Winnick
  • Sarai Padron
  • Britney Jacobsen
  • Toya Aubert
  • Bryce Vehrs
  • Jennifer Bravo
  • Alyssa Peretti
  • Jae Holt
  • Wesley Smith
  • Leticia Holleman
  • Margaret Warukira
  • Claire Grindstaff
  • Jeffery Portmann
    Pastor, newhope Church
  • Kylie Gray
  • Emily Deyl
    Worship Ministry, Christ Center
  • Stephano Musa Zakayo
  • Betelhem Amehatsion
  • Jessie Austin
  • Aana Sundling
  • Brittany Rine
  • Ashley Lopez
  • Ruth Rachel Fenske
  • Julie Teuber
  • Sebastian Miller
  • Rose Atumba
  • Mandi Maycumber
  • Joshua Ice
  • Chase Gibson
  • Emily Hillstrom
  • Dejwan Walker
  • Brianna Corpuz
  • Hannah Regan
  • Kevilin Santos
  • Christian Hakilimali
  • Cheryl Foos
  • Daniel Foos
  • Salisha Allard-Blaisdell
    Graduate Student
  • Jacob Bennett
  • Elliot Otteson
    Campus Pastor, Horizon Community Church
  • Nicholas Madden
  • Daniel Blakeslee
  • Seth Riley
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Lisa Russi
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Reagan Whitesell
  • Patricia Ryndak Krys
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Heidi Swensen
  • Emily Senn
  • Kathya Figueroa
  • Sam Cobler
  • Audrey Thomas
  • Hannah H
  • Craig Gorc
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Taeho Kim
  • Linden Griffith
  • Jon Leong
    Office Coordinator
  • Jonah Faitala
  • Christina Matich
  • Braden Garland
  • Charlotte West
  • Cristine Keever
    NextGen Director, Living Hope Christian Center
  • Stephen Waggoner
  • Craig Lambert
  • Aquilla McCrory
    Founding Member, Creed Church
  • Lise Mowery
    Assistant Director Online/NPP Enrollment, University
  • Angela Payne
  • Kevin Leach
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Preston Lien
  • Paula Wildgrube
    Administrator, Zoe Home School
  • Alyssa Converse
  • Jawad Haddadin
  • Emily Scott
  • Alan Pratt
    President - Northwest Region, The Signatry
  • Eric Rust
  • Andy Hall
    Senior Director for Enrollment Management, Northwest University
  • Anna Chase
  • Kathryn Cox
    Administrative Assistant/Part-time Faculty, Northwest University
  • John Jordan
    Chief Financial Officer, Northwest University
  • Sarah Cram
  • Steven Bain
    Head Volleyball Coach, Northwest University
  • Doug Peterson
    Managing Member, Get Priorities Straight LLC
  • Earl Bach
  • Jonathan Larson
    Leadership Assistant, Family Life Community Church
  • Adam Ulrich
  • Eavan Gilhuly
  • Julie Quackenbush
  • Dwaine Richards
  • Patrick Graves
  • Gitanjali Annie Cannon
  • Reid Jarrell
  • Elsa Valdez
  • Roger Wilson
  • Kyle Chalko
    Director of Pathway, Pathway
  • Michael Potter
  • Crista Salgado
  • Twyla Kuntz
    Vice President of Student Development, Trinity Bible College & Graduate School
  • Kenneth Cornell
    Senior VP for Advancement, Northwest University
  • Eric Wade
  • Eve Wade
  • Chinyere Ekwueme
  • Reba Mart
    Controller, Northwest University
  • Jonathan Song
  • Morgan Butcher
    Associate Pastor, Venture Church
  • Sheila Josephson
    Administrative Assistant, Northwest University
  • Vickie Rekow
    Senior Director, Northwest University
  • Allen Refsland
    Lead Pastor, Life In Christ Center
  • Deanna Zarei
  • Abigail Stovall
    Housing Coordinator, Northwest University
  • Garrett Freier
    Vice President of Experiential Learning, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School
  • Robert Stallman
    Faculty, Northwest University
  • Kyle Lorenz
    Student Financial Services Counselor
  • Courtney Baker
  • Christian Dawson
    Campus Pastor, Northwest University
  • Kate Ramage
    Certification Officer
  • Wayne Perryman
    Rev., Christian
  • P Scott Cummins
    Managing Director, Bertona Partners
  • Brent Giesbrecht
  • Kaja Ralston
    Online Admissions Counselor
  • Nick Hawkins
    Lead Pastor, Redemption Church
  • Abby Brake
  • Hannah Larson
  • Janae Kopet
  • Lindsey Mendoza
  • Sam Henry
  • Olivia Ball
  • Stan Russell
    Lead Pastor, Horizon Community Church
  • Ray Fink
  • Jeremy Delamarter
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Matt Carson
    Programmer, Northwest University
  • Rachel Smulski
    Assistant Director of Academic Programs, Northwest University
  • Larissa Lilly
    Director of Community Life, Northwest University
  • Jamie Froebe
    Academic Advisor, Northwest University
  • Jamie Miller
    Assistant Athletic Trainer, Northwest University
  • Matt Nelson
    Faculty, Northwest University
  • Isaac Peabody
    Content Writer, Northwest University
  • Hannah Co
  • Jennifer Knight
  • Autumn Witt
    Professor, Northwest University
  • Gary McIntosh II
  • Bea Fouch
  • Peter Reynolds
    Assistant Professor, Southwestern Assemblies Of God University
  • Robert Moore
  • JoDee Maytum
    Admissions Counselor
  • Steve Mills
    Assistant Professor, Northwest University
  • Hayley Hanford
    Area Coordinator, Northwest University
  • Jodie Valdez
  • Terra Mangum
  • Kristin Webster
    Lead Instructor, Northwest University
  • Brianna Gullett
    Nurse, Victory Faith
  • James Wellman
    Prof. and Chair of Comparative Religion, University of Washington
  • Traci Grant
    Director, Academic Advising, Northwest University
  • Joe Coburn
  • Natalie Ransom
  • Pam Brown
    The Wellness Center Office Assistant, Northwest University
  • Andrew Schneidler
    Founding Attorney, Children's Law Center of Washington, PS
  • Beverly Luxon
    Administrative Assistant Church Relations, Northwest University
  • Daniel Trujillo
    Pastor, City of Destiny Church
  • Macy Cool
    Program Director, Northern Arizona Dream Center
  • Joshua Blay
  • Perry Kallevig
    Senior Pastor, Harvest Church - Elk Grove, CA (Sacramento)
  • Michelle Hollomon
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Janet Wolff
  • Troy Charlton
  • Peter Carlson
    Academic Advisor, Northwest University
  • Nikki Johnson
    Associate Professor
  • Madison Fields
  • Madeleine Arsenault
  • Dan Neary
    Pastor, Northshore Church, Kenmore
  • Jessica Martin
  • Brian North
    Head Pastor, Rose Hill Church
  • Stephanie Lund
    Network Pastor, Copenhagen Christian Center
  • Anh Johnson
    Lead Pastor, New Legacy Lynden
  • Chris Manginelli
    Lead Pastor, Mill Creek Foursquare Church
  • Bruce Swanson
    Lead Pastor, Montesano Assembly of God
  • Robin Porter
    Lead Pastor, Eastgate Bible Fellowship
  • Danette Ver Woert
    Faculty, Northwest University
  • Joshua McCullough
  • Hope Rady
  • Jim Kennington
    Senior Pastor, Lake City Community Church
  • Andrea Karina Tejada
    Pastor, Centro de Vida
  • Mark Gering
    Lead Pastor, Faith Christian Center
  • Shelly Hinson
    Director of Conference & Events
  • Samuel R Garza
    Lead Pastor, Bethel Assembly of God
  • Courtney Haak
  • Jared Hall
  • Lauren Medina
  • Lauren Rogers
  • Perry Burkholder
    Lead Pastor, Every Nation Church Seattle
  • Sandy Hendrickson
  • Erin Welsh
  • L William Oliverio Jr
  • Adam Epp
  • Erin-Joy Bjorge
  • James Lawson
    Pastor, Skokomish Indian Assembly of God
  • Gloria Simeon
  • Konrad Ziesing
  • Alejandro Garibay
  • Paulina Pacheco
  • Joseph Barth
    Pastor, Rochester Life Assembly
  • Rebecca Morgan
  • Nicole Granger
  • Keann White
  • Dwayne Smith
    Lead Pastor, Shoreline Community Church
  • BJ Dale
    Youth and Online Pastor, Bethel Church at Vista Pointe
  • Kenneth Bakke
  • Joseph Galvin
    Associate Pastor, Path Church
  • Agalelei Crichton
  • Stan Russell
    Lead Pastor, Horizon Community Church
  • Sean Conlogue
    Student Pastor
  • Linsey Conlogue
  • Curtis Hagen
  • Stephanie Smith
    Associate Pastor, Shoreline Community Church
  • Kim Martinez
    Groups Director, Shoreline Community Church
  • Terrie Pearce
  • Steve Smith
    Elder, Rose Hill Church
  • Lisa Millen
    Adjunct Faculty, Northwest University
  • Seairra Ament
  • Richard Delean
  • Melaina Lenzi
  • Bernadette Bascom
    Adjunct Faculty, Performances Unlimited
  • Justin Crews
    Computer Technician, Northwest University
  • Emily Schlepp
  • Daniel Yeomans
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Sarah Drivdahl
    Dean, Northwest University
  • Erin Kellett
  • Peter van Breda
    Senior Pastor, Bellevue Church
  • Gabriella van Breda
    Executive Director, World Impact Network
  • Wednesdey Moore
  • Natalee Stout
  • Tamara Downs
  • Jessica Nunes
  • Walt Krueger
  • Cherie Heugel
  • Trip Reeds
  • Greg Yee
    Superintendent, Pacific Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church
  • Zhanna Serikkalikyzy
  • Jasmin Tucker
    Office Manager, Seattle Therapy Network
  • William Starks
    Life Long Elder and Justice & Racial Reconciliation Team Leader, Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • Sebastian Kelley
  • Janet Beck
  • David Neuman
  • Jim Heden
    Senior Pastor, Hilltop Community Church
  • Curt Rosen
    Lead Pastor, Family Christian Center
  • Gary Morefield
    Pastor, GV Christian
  • Elizabeth Hartley
  • Grace Mulkey
    Staff, Peoples Church Vancouver, WA
  • Megan Joslin
  • Rachel Northey
  • Naomi Mason
  • Joy Qualls
    Associate Dean, School of Fine Arts and Communication, Biola University
  • Tim Parnell
    Educator, Edmonds School District (retired)
  • Gloria Mayo
  • Aliza Rodgers
  • Kim Lampson
    Faculty, Northwest University
  • Daniela Steinkamp
    Director of MA Student Services, Northwest University
  • Ashley Farrow
  • Alex Johnson
    Assistant Professor
  • Lance Allen
  • Ryan Miller
    Christian Ministry Scholar, Assemblies of God
  • Destiny Kennedy
    Admin and Program Coordinator, Northwest University
  • Kristen McBurney
  • Leslyette Chevez
    Admn. Assistant, Life Center Spanish Church
  • Roberto Tejada
    Senior Pastor, Centro de Vida
  • Joshua Stallard
  • John Mabbott
    Information Technology Office, Northwest University
  • Blessing Mhlanga
  • Sarah Hanson
  • Valerie Devereaux
  • Joann Gardner
  • Elizabeth Holt
  • Heather Natterstad
  • Heather Hedlund
  • Tom Brewer
    Community Outreach Director, Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • Brian Curnutt
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Phil Harmon
  • Kevin Stowe
    Adjunct Instructor
  • Joydette Galloway
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • Suzan Kobashigawa
  • Jonathan Westra
    Interim Pastor, Oak Harbor Christian Reformed Church
  • Isabella Banducci
  • Russell Johnson
    Lead Pastor, The Pursuit NW
  • Racheal Micke
  • Kayla Ronning
  • Cherlyn Johnson
    Adjunct Faculty, Northwest University
  • Terry Tarsiuk
    Adjunct Professor, Northwest University
  • April Swift
    Deacon, Venture Church
  • Riley Sine
  • David Sarju
    Pastor's Advisory Team, University Presbyterian Church
  • James Reese, Jr.
    Pastor, COGIC - The Carrie House
  • Mikaela Steckmann
  • Janet Richards
    Founder, Executive Director, Redmond Has Hope
  • Stephen Todd
  • Maynard Sopher
    Pastor, Church of God in Christ
  • Rosie Martinez
    Adjunct Professor
  • Hanna Yang
  • Tracy Laas
    Pastor, Foursquare
  • Cynthia Kennedy
    Assistant Director of Student Financial Services, Northwest University
  • Lindsay Hobson
  • Darrel Johnsen
    Lead Pastor, Faith Tri Cities
  • Van Thang
  • Casey Olsen
  • Sabrina Crownover
  • Trent Arneson
    Lead Pastor, Life Impact Church
  • Chinyere Ekwueme
  • Emily Webb
  • Shane Marie Pineda
  • Kevin Hall
    Faculty, Northwest University
  • Debbee Lynn
  • Elliot Faley
  • Bill Dillon
    Senior Advisor - Student Financial Services, Northwest University
  • Trey Waggoner
  • Julie Teuber
  • Eryn Snodgrass
  • Donovan Bell
    Administrator, Bell Academy Homeschool
  • Loten Clark
    Choir Director, All Saints Episcopal Church - Hillsboro
  • Amber Browning
  • Christifer Tomoson
  • Kristi Brodin
  • Rebekah Thompson
  • Garrett Frazier
  • Kym Castaneda
  • Heidi Swensen
  • Judy Becker
  • Jessica Pillay
  • Ji Eun Han
  • David Grieve
    Senior Pastor, New Life Community Church
  • Joyita Taupule
    License Pastor, Samoan Christian Fellowship Assembly of God
  • Grant Faulk
  • Kelly Crisp
  • Lydia Wilson
  • Zecharias Adebo
  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Kylie Szczepanski
  • Micheal Melonson
  • Amanda Bowman
    Director of Human Resources, Northwest University
  • Katie Hawkins
    Counselor, Northwest University
  • Chad Arnold
    Arnold Enterprises
  • Clarisse van der Feltz
  • Norma Hernandez
    Mayor, City of College Place
  • Leanne Konzelman
    Founder, Mental Health Counselor, Novo Life Counseling
  • Victoria Geck
  • Cole Hastie
    Director of Alumni Relations, Northwest University
  • Paul Landry
    President, Landry & Associates
  • A.J. Roberts
  • Lesley Gabel
    Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development- CAPS, Northwest University
  • Lauren Adam
  • Marissa Brown
  • Kemi Holley
    Executive Assistant
  • Timothy White
  • Bethanie Heitzman
  • Caden Jones
  • Fiona Cochran
  • Rachel Pegram
  • Ciara Smith
    Community Life Graduate Assistant, Bethany Christian Assembly
  • Elizabeth Meyer
  • Ronald Cooper
    Lead Pastor, Saint Andrew Church of God in Christ
  • David Brakke
    Lead Pastor, The Church @ Maltby / Monroe
  • Anna Swedin
  • Sara Wright
    ESL Instructor, Northwest University
  • Karen Wilson
    Adjunct Professor
  • Doug York
    Missionary, Assemblies of God
  • Kim York
    Missionary, Assemblies of God
  • Ashley Farrow
  • Mary Birkner
  • Lois Olena
  • Aaron Stewart
    Senior Pastor, University Place Presbyterian Church
  • Aleah Redfield