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Northwest University's School of Nursing

There are many nursing schools in Washington, but the School of Nursing at Northwest University is truly one of a kind. Our program has everything that sought-after nursing programs should have, like top-notch equipment and connections to hospitals. In addition, our nurses learn how to integrate faith into their nursing. With a cohort of 54 students and expert professors that genuinely care for our students, NU’s School of Nursing is an ideal blend of the highest quality education and a supportive and caring learning environment.

Why Study Nursing at Northwest University?

Our nurses practice on the best equipment currently available for training nurses. Our nursing skills lab, located in our on-campus Health and Sciences Center, is designed to simulate the experience of working in a real hospital. Here, students are able to learn nursing skills before treating actual patients. With equipment like our interactive mannequin (one that can bleed, cry, and respond), our nurses are able to start their clinical practices with high levels of confidence. In addition, all of our professors have years of nursing experience, and many of them are still practicing nurses today.

What Jobs Can I Get as a Nursing Student?

A degree from NU can help you launch your career immediately after graduation. Some of the fields that a degree in nursing can open up for you include:

  • Maternity, Neonatal, and Pediatric Nursing
  • Medical and Surgical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community or International Health
  • Missionary Nursing
  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Work
  • Teaching and Health Education
  • Nursing Research
  • Health Public Policy

What Real-World Experiences Are Provided by the Program?

Northwest University is surrounded by some of the best hospitals in Washington, and our nurses have the opportunity to learn at any one of them. Providence, Swedish, Seattle Children’s, Evergreen, and Overlake are all hospitals that have hosted our students for clinical studies. As our students shadow real nurses in the field, many of them receive job offers at the hospitals where they are practicing.

Another real-world experience built into our program is a month-long study abroad experience practicing nursing in another country. Each year, students and professors travel to different countries across the world to experience how different cultures view medicine. On these trips, students have traveled to countries such as India, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, and various countries in Africa.

What Do Students Say About the Program?

What Courses in the School of Nursing Will I Take?

  • NURS 3102: Promoting the Health of Populations
  • NURS 3202: Social Issues in Health and Nursing
  • NURS 3321: Integration of Faith, Service, and Nursing
  • NURS 3372: Global and Intercultural Health Care
  • NURS 4352: Pediatric Nursing

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