College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Transform Your Desire to Help Others into a Meaningful Profession

People in this world are emotionally hurting. Fortunately, there are those who feel called to help them. At Northwest University, we can transform your desire to help others into a meaningful and effective career.

Our programs are rigorous and comprehensive. They combine lecture, discussion, research, and internships with a multicultural focus, uniquely preparing you to serve individuals with widely different backgrounds and needs. You’ll learn from skilled practitioners who have deep academic and real-world experience.

While demanding, the programs at Northwest University are designed for flexibility, meeting at night and some weekends. So contact us for more information. Much like you, we’re here to help. 

A Word From the Dean

In the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences graduate programs students participate in a variety of culture immersion experiences. Whether serving locally or internationally, graduates of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences are prepared to respond to the call of Christ through service-leadership in a rapidly globalizing world.

We hope that you will consider joining us!

—Dr. Matt Nelson, Ph.D.

Why Choose Northwest University?

Licensable Degrees for the State of Washington

Our graduate psychology programs meet the requirements for licensure in Washington State. Graduate knowing that you can become a fully licensed counselor or psychologist.

Highest Institutional Accreditation Possible

Our regionally accredited university represents the gold standard. You’ll strengthen your professional credibility and graduate knowing that your degree is widely recognized and deeply respected.

Learn to Treat the Whole Person

We teach you how to engage your clientele from a holistic approach: biologically, psychologically, spiritually, and culturally. The result is even greater effectiveness as a counselor.

Unique Multicultural Focus

Our programs are presented in the context of a multicultural and globalizing world. You will learn how to apply the latest methods to a wide variety of settings.

Designed for Working Professionals

Classes meet at night and some weekends. And if you live or work on the Eastside, there is no 520 bridge to cross.

Local and Global Immersion Experiences

You will deepen your skills and understanding by participating in local or international immersion experiences. These experiences will not only equip you for your career, but they have also proven to be life-changing.

Integrate Faith with Learning

Our programs are taught within the framework of a Christian worldview. Students are challenged to incorporate their understanding of faith with academic theory and applied skills.

Distinguished Faculty

Our professors draw from their academic studies and real-world professional experiences to provide students with the tools and skills they’ll need to be successful.

Learn Within a Diverse Cohort

Learn with other students who share your interests and your goals. It’s a supportive environment of peers who will encourage you, challenge you, and become a fundamental part of your professional network once you graduate. 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Graduate Programs

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