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Resources For Fighting Against Racism

Resources For Fighting Against Racism

As an institution, we are learning to do better when it comes to making our campus a safe and welcoming place for people of color. There are many ways that we need to grow, so we are committed to learning as much as we can. The list below includes resources that are helping us work towards lasting change on our campus. This list of resources will be updated regularly, and we invite you to learn, grow, and act with us.

While we do not endorse every single thing that each of these authors, pastors, and organizations say or do, we believe the resources below are insightful and a great place to start listening.

*Note: We are building this list as quickly as we can. We would love for you to send us your suggestions by emailing Thank you in advance!

Books to Read

Articles to Read

Podcasts and Videos to Watch/Listen To

Movies to Watch


For more resources like these, check out our Campus Ministry team's list at