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Northwest University's College of Education

The College of Education at Northwest University exists to send teachers and principals of the highest quality into schools around the globe. There is a growing demand for educators in school districts across the nation, so we’ve made sure that our education degrees are accessible for a variety of future educators. From our on-campus and online education programs to our master’s degree options for teachers and principals, we are ready to prepare you for your career as an outstanding educator.

Top-Rated Educator Preparation Program

Northwest University is one of five schools in Washington state to receive the highest ratings by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Why Study Education at Northwest University?

Our program promises to equip you with all the skills you need to become the best teacher you can be. Our primary and secondary education programs are each broken down into concentrations so that students can develop a specialization in subjects like English and mathematics. Our students learn techniques from professors who have had extensive experience in the field of education, many of which are still teaching in elementary and secondary classrooms. In addition, the curriculum of the education program is infused with real-world teaching experience so you’ll gain the confidence you need to manage a classroom. Students graduate in four years with their teaching certificate, so they can apply for teaching jobs as soon as they graduate.

What Real-World Experiences Are Provided by the Program?

In our undergraduate program, students take a two-week intensive trip to China to study the education system of a different country. During their senior year, students in the College of Education participate in student teaching. This starts with shadowing a teacher for a semester and ends with teaching and managing an entire classroom on their own.

What Jobs Can I Get with an Education Degree?

Over the years, Northwest University’s College of Education has become widely recognized and respected by school districts throughout Washington state. Though an education degree is specialized, there are still a wide variety of careers that our graduates are qualified for:

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher (English, math, humanities, history, and more)
  • High School Teacher (English, math, humanities, history, and more)
  • Vice Principal
  • Principal

What Do Students Say about the Program?

Bryanna loved working with underserved youth. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in math, she headed for Seattle with one goal: to get her teaching degree. Why did she choose Northwest University? Because she could earn her teaching certificate in one year. And it was the most immersive program she could find. "Student teaching was huge. You learn so much by doing. And having the support of the NU professors to watch me teach and provide feedback was invaluable." Today Bryanna is teaching 7th grade math at Cascade Middle School.

What Courses in the College of Education Will I Take?

Graduates from our programs will have the skills to organize curriculum and run a classroom, as well as the ability to understand and address the unique needs of their students. Here are a few examples of classes that make up the curriculum for our undergraduate and graduate students:


  • EDUC 3003: Multicultural Education
  • EDUC 3022: Classroom Management
  • EDUC 4012: Special Needs in Education
  • EDUC 4104: Reading Theories and Strategies
  • EDUC 4232: Middle School Culture and Instruction


  • EDMA 5523: Educational Standards and Accountability
  • EDMA 5753: Program, Process, and Policy Evaluation
  • EDMA 5873: Leadership and Organizational Change
  • EDMA 5833: Learning Strategies and Applied Technology
  • EDMA 5073: Community Engagement and Student Achievement

College of Education Programs