Northwest Partnership Program

Northwest Partnership Program

The Northwest Partnership Program partners with churches to offer college courses with the highest level of academic accreditation (including Associate and Bachelor degrees) as part of their church or ministry internship program. The Northwest Partnership Program has a couple of very unique and interesting features:

  • Internship Credit: Students earn 3 credits per semester for their internship work, for free!
  • Degrees Offered: Associate in Arts, Associate in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.
  • All courses have the highest level of accreditation.
  • A $1,300 Program fee provides resources for the Northwest Partnership Program Partner’s Intern Training Program.
  • All tuition costs are eligible for federal financial aid (loans and grants).
  • Courses reflect the unique vision and values of your church as your (qualified) instructors lead your students through the curriculum (minimum ten students in a class.)
  • All courses are also offered online, so courses are available to students regardless of Partner’s size.
  • Partners can earn scholarships toward NU master's programs based on the number of students enrolled.
  • Low Cost: $316 per credit.

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If you are interested in further discussing potential partnership with Northwest University, email:

View a list of our Current Partners.

The Partnership

The Northwest Partnership Program is birthed out of NU's deep respect for the local church's influence and effectiveness to generate change on a local, regional, national, and worldwide stage. Both the church and university are more effective when coordinating their efforts as a team.

The Northwest Partnership Program is uniquely designed with a balance of academic rigor, student support, and real-life application. The ministry opportunities available through the local church blend with Northwest's academic resources. These two aspects combine sensitivity to individual callings with sound pragmatic instruction. Northwest and the local church or ministry coordinate their efforts as students develop personally, socially, spiritually, and professionally to fulfill their God-planned design.

The goal of the Northwest Partnership Program is for NU and the partner to each bring their unique skills and strengths so that it is difficult to clearly identify when the "academics" end and the "practical" begins. The theoretical footing provided by many of Northwest's courses is critical to students' applied ministry in the same way that a house cannot exist without its foundation.

Students during worship in chapel.

Program Promotion

The Northwest Partnership Program is promoted cooperatively: the university provides an initial brochure and cost sheet, while the church uses its influence avenues to publicize the program. The partner, in coordination with NU, provides additional materials, promotional displays, and other marketing supplies.

Course Design

Northwest uses Discovery and NU Online as their learning management systems to provide learning materials, reference links, assignments, discussion forums, and other support features needed by students, except textbooks.

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Whenever possible, the Northwest Partnership Program blends face-to-face and online courses, depending on the program size and the number of qualified local faculty. It's the best of both worlds: the flexibility of online education and the strength of weekly personal instruction.

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