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Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership Degree (Online)

With our Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership Degree Online, you can heed your calling to the specific type of ministry that you feel called to. Though there are differences between serving in church leadership and ministering in non-church settings, they both take a person with commitment, integrity, and heart. They also require specialized training, and that's where Northwest University can help.

The online Bachelor in Ministry Leadership is designed for students who desire the broadest foundation upon which to build their ministry and who would like the option of advancing into a master's degree. Our program is holistic and engaging, with an emphasis on a thorough core curriculum requirement coupled with two years of Bible, theology, and practical ministry courses.

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Highest Accreditation

Not all online programs are accredited—something you never have to worry about at NU.


Exceptional Education

80+ years of experience and knowledge went into creating our online courses.


Faith Integration

Every course includes a component that helps you relate the subject to your faith.


Faculty Who Care

Our instructors are experts who love students and bring out their very best.

Culturally Relevant. Biblically Sound.

When Jason Deuman was looking for a degree in theology, he wanted one that would challenge him to effectively engage with today's culture. Most importantly, he sought a program that was biblically sound. "I was taught by great professors who were always willing to wrestle with tough questions—but always from a biblical perspective. At NU, I learned how to think and teach the Bible well."

Why Choose An Online Bachelor Degree in Ministry Leadership at Northwest University?

  • Expand biblical understanding and build exegetical skills.
  • Present a carefully reasoned, coherent Christian worldview.
  • Integrate biblical and theological knowledge with the practice of ministry and daily life.
  • Build confidence, understanding, and skill in leading worship, administering ordinances of the church, caring for the suffering, and leading other ministry activities of encouragement and comfort.
  • Learn through experience, self-reflection, critical thinking, sensitivity toward diversity, and personal prayer.
  • Comprehend and apply effective leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Understand and utilize media, computing resources, and basic financial data.
  • Communicate the gospel through effective strategies of evangelism, teaching, preaching, and discipleship.

Courses for the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership

We have over 80 years of experience in creating and teaching curriculum, and we've invested that experience into every class we offer. Each bachelor's degree is made up of core curriculum courses and major specific courses that amount to 120 credits upon completion.

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Ministry Leadership Major

CodeCourse TitleCredits
BIBL 2553Biblical Interpretation(3)
BIBL 3253Corinthian Correspondence(3)
PMIN 3303Ministry Life and Calling(3)
PMIN 3513Pastoral Care and Counseling(3)
PMIN 3343Effective Preaching(3)
PMIN 4263Ministry Leadership(3)
PMIN 4563Ministry Administration(3)
THEO 2503Pentecostal Spirituality(3)
THEO 3213Systematic Theology I(3)
THEO 3223Systematic Theology II(3)
THEO 3413Theology of Ministry Essentials(3)
Select one from the following:
CMIN 2003The Church in Ministry(3)
CMIN 2043Ministry Operations(3)
General Electives
Any college-level courses. Must include at least three ministry internship or practicum credits applicable to the student's ministry goals or setting.(24)

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