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Northwest University (NU) is a private Christian college located near Seattle, Washington, offering a variety of fully accredited degrees that are 100% online. Since 1934, we have been helping students discover and unleash their potential with an approach to learning that is rare in the academic world: one that honors your faith.

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No Higher Accreditation

NU is accredited at the highest levels possible. Our online programs have the same accreditation as our on-campus degrees. At graduation, you’ll receive the exact same diploma as our on-campus students. And at our commencement ceremony, you’ll walk side by side.

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
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Why Take Online Programs At Northwest University?  

Highest Institutional Accreditation

Accreditation is important. It means that the college has met certain standards and offers qualifications that will be recognized by other schools or by an employer. Not all online programs are accredited—something you never have to worry about at NU.

Exceptional Education

With over 80 years of experience, we’ve taken all of that knowledge to create online courses that engage, inspire, and prepare. Many of our online courses are identical to our on-campus programs. The only difference? You can take them from anywhere.

Your Faith Is Integrated

NU is a Christian university. Every course we offer has a unique component that helps you understand how the subject relates to your faith. Unlike other online programs, NU actually encourages your faith. Most students find this to be a refreshing approach.

Caring and Responsive Faculty

The online instructors at Northwest University, aren’t simply hired for their knowledge. We also look for professors who love students and bring out their very best. Many come from local companies and offer real-world insight into your career.

The Pacific Northwest = Innovation

Our campus is part of a culture that has produced word-changing innovations. Google is just down the street. Amazon is just across the bridge. This same spirit of innovation led us as we developed our online programs.

24/7 Help

If you ever have a technical problem, there is help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But here is the even better news: Our technology and user-interface are so reliable and easy to use, they are rarely—if ever—needed.

No Application Fee

Unlike other online programs, we never charge you an application fee.

He Opened Our Campus At The Eiffel Tower.

See how one online student traveled the world while earning his degree.

What’s The Difference Between Online and Traditional Programs?

Online degree programs are very much like traditional programs, except you are not on site. In many cases, our online curriculum mirrors our on-campus curriculum. Just like traditional college, there is course reading. There are video lectures. There is class discussion on message boards. Assignments are given. Tests are taken. What’s more, all online students have full access to our campus facilities—from sporting events to our Career Development Center. And our online graduates walk with our on-campus graduates during commencement.

Many find that online courses are an excellent way to learn because video lectures and class discussions can be viewed as often as you like, and instructor feedback is immediate and focused. The difference is, you attend class when it is best for you.

Does Northwest University Offer Military Benefits?

Active duty military participants can take our online programs at a discount that covers up to 100% of tuition. We also offer up to 90 credits for military training to speed you to your degree. For more information, please email

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